Tara Reading Guide – A Final Series

As I said last week, there is one final series that I am working on. This one gets a bit more convoluted. When I began to write The Arrangement, I had no idea it would become a series. It was not until the final three chapters that I realized that Jill and Daniel’s story did not end with a simple happily-ever-after. Then again, none of ours ever do. I really enjoy getting to show relationships as they mature, as life’s little foibles grow us together as couples and individuals.

So, as quick a break down of this series as I can:

The Arrangement

Solid Ground New

It is complete on Literotica or if you are squeamish about a naughty site or just want the convenience of your Kindle, it is available under the title Solid Ground on Amazon. around a hundred-thousand word novel for about ninety-nine cents is not bad.

Readers should be aware that this story has BDSM elements including switching and some kinky anal play. It also gets a warning for foul language, especially Jill’s oldest son who is a powder keg of resentment and anger at his dead father. Some feedback has been very negative about this, but as someone who views her potty-mouth as a sign of higher-intelligence…*F*-off.

The story was full of colorful secondary characters though who screamed for their own stories. Samuel and Simone have the novella-length Until. Fair warning, though, this one focuses upon the misunderstood BDSM dynamic of Daddy/little girl.

Rings of Fire


The next story in the series is much milder in terms of both its language and the BDSM element. It is also complete in chapter format under the Romance category at Literotica. Eventually, I will get around to posting it to Amazon.

Rings is set a few years into the future. It updates you on Jill, Daniel, Samuel, and Simone, who are now the secondary characters. Samuel and Daniel have thrown in with a ‘mad scientist’ Brent Jacobs. He is a volcanologist convinced that the CO2 and carbon gasses that are causing global warming will instead result in a new Ice Age. The science is as complex and convoluted as one of those bad Saturday movies on the Sy-Fy channel. Actually, this series could be categorized as just that.

The next installment in the series, which introduces new characters and follow-up on someones you have seen before, is tentatively entitled Apocalypse, and will likely be under the Sci-Fi category at Literotica. It continues the saga of a new Ice Age that is brought about by a series of volcanic eruptions that release stored CO2 and sulfur into the atmosphere creating a prolonged volcanic winter. I hope to post the first chapter in it sometime this month.

This is a stylistic experiment and quite a departure from my other writings. I originally envisioned it as three or four books that were all occurring simultaneously. But for a Lit format, I have decided to interweave the stories in a chronological fashion. So that the focus is as much on the events of the Apocalypse as it is on the romances of the characters. What characters, you ask?

The first is a continuation of a mind-control short story I wrote called Fertility Goddess. Katia and Zane are star-crossed lovers entrapped by international intrigue, who are thrown together again by Fate in a quest to get government officials to recognize the extent of this threat and ultimately to save the lives of their children…before it is too late.

You will also see other familiar faces, including Jill’s sons, Chloe and Dwayne (The Arrangement), Travis and Trish, and even baddie Clay Dodd. As well as Travis, Brent’s younger brother, and Monique, the lesbian ‘French hussy’ as Lauren called her.

If it all seems confusing…well, just remember to read in this order…

The Arrangement


Fertility Goddess

Rings of Fire

Apocalypse (when it comes out)

The rest should be clear as mud…if you like cheesy Sy-Fy movies with ‘mad’ scientists and government officials that don’t believe them crossed with romance and spiced with BDSM.


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