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Yesterday, I finished editing and posting Labor’s End for Literotica. It is the second in my Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour series. I asked in the noted for the Lit goddess to add it to the series list. But trying to check that list for my stories the other day confused even me. And with over 250 stories published on Literotica, it can be daunting to find what you are looking for. So, for any newbies following me there, I thought I would share some of the series I am working on.

Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour

This one is my award-winning series in Novels & Novellas. It began in 2011 with Red, White and Blue Halloween, a short story that placed in the Halloween contest. It was one of the toughest times with my autistic daughter; I had just taken her out of school where she was bullied, we did not have a diagnosis yet, and had just separated from her dad. Time was running out for the contest and I had no idea what to write. Then I dreamt of this other mother, one who had lost her son to war. And in the space of a morning or two, I wrote that story. I’ll be honest…the story is great, the editing crap. But if you want a flavor for this series, to see if you might be interested in a mostly non-erotic and deeply emotional story of PTSD and grief, then being here first.

My Country

The thing was even though I thought I had written the story, Sergeant Mike did not agree. He kept coming out to play in my mind. So, in 2012, I expanded that short story into a Novella called Esther’s Story. But Mike kept pestering me about other stories, his story and the stories of his friends. Chronologically, the series actually begins with the novella, My Country Tis of Thee. (2014) It is the story of a Latino family who has lost their only son. He was the last man to die under Sergeant Mike’s command. Like I said, Labor’s End is the next in the series and should be out soon. It is the story of Mike standing in for his best friend from boot camp and caring for the man’s dying father.

If that ain’t enough, I have rewritten Red, White, and Blue Halloween/Esther’s Story…yet AGAIN. Both of those earlier versions were strictly from the heroine’s point of view. But as I got to know Mike better, he wanted to share his thoughts too. Shared Burdens is the title for this (I hope) final rendition of that story. It is told from both Esther and Mike’s viewpoints. I am editing and will be releasing it at Literotica in a couple of weeks.

But all of these books are also available for purchase on Amazon. In case you love the story and want to share it, but are ashamed of Lit (never this girl). I always feel like these books should come with a trigger warning. A beta reader once told me that she felt like she had PTSD along with Mike, just from reading it. I consider that one of the hugest compliments my writing has ever received. But be aware, these books deal with complex and painful stories of war, loss, grief, and PTSD. They also have some pretty special endings.


This one is about as different from Sergeant Mike as they come. The warnings on this one should be more about some of the sexual and BDSM acts portrayed in them. This is the story of a young occupational therapist working with autistic children who secretly reads naughty, historical ‘reverse harem’ stories about Viking brothers kidnapping their bride. She explores some of her kinky BDSM fantasies online, where she begins exchanging messages with a Dom. Except it is not one Dom, but three Norwegian brothers and rough Viking fishermen. When she goes to meet that Dom for coffee, they kidnap her…and make her their bride.


This story was inspired by my own encounter with a Swedish sea captain. Yes, I met a strange Dom for coffee, went back to his ship, and had one of the most amazing sexual adventures of my life. It was only on the way back to London on the train that I realized how easy it would have been for him to keep me tied up…and sail away. Of course, I was not a young therapist; that heroine is modeled on my daughter’s (but don’t tell her).

I am three chapters from the end of this one. I have been stuck but am working on some ideas. One of those chapters is already written and the other one finished in my mind…the trouble is that I cannot post Chapter 11 and 12 until I figure out Chapter 10.

But if HEAVY BDSM, non-consensual, and polyandry are your thing, then there is plenty of this story for you to read on Lit already. Who knows maybe by the time you catch up, I will have mastered Chapter 10 and we can finish it together?

The chronological reading order for this one goes:

Ægir’s Woman
Ægir’s Captive
Ægir’s Bride
Ægir’s Wife

While all three brothers are active characters, Doms, and lovers in each of the stories, I like to think of the division into books as being about Kirsty conquering and coming to terms with a ‘husband.’ Captive is the story of the youngest, most handsome, and sweetest brother, Bjorn. Everyone loves him. Bride is about the middle brother who is the single father of an autistic daughter. Mikael is a sadist with a knife fetish and deeply scarred from his first ‘real’ marriage, but he is also a great dad which is the starting point of their relationship. Then you have Wife. Sven. Argh! Sven. He is the oldest brother and the reason for my writer’s block. Some men, especially uber Doms, are just plain stubborn and sometimes don’t deserve a happy ending. But get one he shall, nonetheless, not for his sake but for Kirsty’s. Throw-in their mother, uncle/father, and an autistic four-year-old for spice.

All of those are links to the first chapters, I figure you can figure it out from there. I should add that if the idea of a sixty and seventy-year-old couple who have been together for forty years still engaging in BDSM and great sex bothers you, then… Well, there is that in there too. Oh, and the editing leaves something to be desired as these have not been published on Amazon or updated.

That is about a quarter of a million words for you right there. I have one more series to go. But it is complicated. And I am out of time. Alan and I are going to the Elvis Festival in Porthcawl today. We hope to find an impersonator for the wedding…and enjoy some truly cheesy Elvises. So, how about next Friday, I tell you the story of the Apocalypse?

Until then, goddess bless and keep you, and Fate shine upon you always,


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