Where I go from here…

Following on from Friday’s Writer vs. Author discussion, I thought I’d share where I go from here with ya’ll.

To reassure anyone wanting to buy my books, I will not be removing them from Amazon. I will be taking them off of Kindle Unlimited though since it requires exclusivity. As they finish out there KU terms, I will release them to Literotica (and perhaps WattPad). As I said in the Writer vs. Author blog, it is about getting them read and touching peoples lives, not making money. While both the Tara Neale and Raquel Graffen pen names will remain active on Amazon that was strictly to avoid the ‘porn’ wall there. Elsewhere I will publish only as Tara.

As for social media, which has never been my favorite part of writing, I will continue to only be active on Twitter. You can follow me there for the latest updates @taranealewriter.

In case you didn’t notice, I have rebranded this blog (yes, once again). I am also changing the format a bit. First of all, since I had three blogs: HomeCrazzyHome, Tara Neale, and this one (formerly Raquel Graffen), I am cutting that down to just two: this one and HomeCrazzyHome. But I will continue to publish three posts per week. Two here on Monday and Friday. And one on Wednesday to HomeCrazzyHome.

I enjoyed the #bookreview blog that I had started at the other Tara site. So, I want to keep that feature. Since this site has more followers, I am figuring that many of ya’ll have not even seen those reviews. I will be migrating them over here one per week, beginning next Monday. The Friday blogs here will continue to be updates and excerpts from things I have not yet published anywhere else.

Oh, and if ya’ll really want to chat with me, I have a new email for my writing:


I will say…I won’t be on social media nearly as much. I only did it to market and promote, i.e. sell books. Since that is no longer a consideration, I would rather spend that time doing what I love…




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