When life is better than art?

The past week has not been one of my better ones. After venturing out of the safety of our #HomeCrazzyHome to ‘save the world’ once more, the forces of darkness fell upon me, leaving me beaten and battered, discouraged and despondent.

Nonetheless, I am reminded of Tara’s three great points…

  1. Life sucks…

  2. Love makes it worth living…

  3. …and great sex is the best way to show that.

It does though feel strange to journey through the darkness and not be alone. To actually have someone stronger and more intelligent upon whom I can count to be my rock.

I mean I have been writing about those heroes for three decades and reading about them since I was barely a teen.

But what is life truly like when you live daily with a hero bigger than life, more stalwart than any you have ever read about, and certainly more dynamic than any you ever wrote about?

Humbling…to say the least.

Which in some ways has been why these past three years have been such a dry spell as a writer. I mean some things are simply impossible to capture with words…without sounding saccharinely sweet or twee.

A cwtch in the kitchen…

Stopping by the bedroom between meetings just to see how I am feeling…

Words of encouragement…

A joke…

Or insightful blow-by-blow analysis of the situation which empathizes with me…while still being compassionate to others…

Understanding and not judging my need to be agoraphobic while gently nudging me out the door…

Perhaps most importantly still finding me desirable when I feel anything but.

Funny Face

How do you put any of that into words? Without sounding trite?

I have always said that our story was the one that if I ever did write…no one would actually believe. And these past few days have proven that point…AGAIN.

So, yes…life does suck..no matter how big your house, how much money you have, or even how much you are loved.

But yes, that love does make it worth living…even in those tough times…when you just want to hide away from the world.

And, only fools turn away from loving embraces during those hard times…because hard can be a really good thing then…perhaps just what you need most.

Who knows maybe one day I will be a good enough writer to even capture that in words.


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