HUGE News!!!

No…the latest chapter of Ægir’s has NOT been approved at Literotica…yet!

Yes…Cookie Monster and I are still living our Happily Ever After!

No…this is not another plea to buy another book from another author!

Better yet…

I am changing my pen name! Well, sort of anyway! I will still be writing as Tara Neale. But I am reserving that nom de plume for my light romances, inspirational stories, and non-fiction self-help books on parenting, unschooling, and autism.

The way Amazon is managing erotica and erotic romance I do not want to risk having those books unjustly labelled or tainted by my spicier, naughtier, hotter things like Ægir’s. And as much as it still bothers me, I really do not want people refusing to buy my non-fiction books because I am ‘one of those’ writers.

This is a decision that I have toyed with for…years. Battled would be more likely. You know how I feel about having to hide any part of myself. That society labels us and put us in certain boxes is wrong whether that is because you are neurodivergent (new favorite word…look it up if you don’t know it) or write erotic romance.

In the end, though it made sense…and cents.

And with my quirky sense of humor…I knew the exact name I wanted to write THOSE stories under. And when I googled it…I found me anyway. Perfect!

Who? What name?

Raquel Graffen…

Of course. She is after all a creation of my my fertile imagination. And a lot like me. Especially now as I live out my own HEA with a man more wonderful than any hero I have ever written.

So how is this gonna work you ask?

Surprisingly easy. Some of your favorite writers may already be doing it…perhaps you are not even aware of it. But within weeks, I will add a new profile at Amazon. Unfortunately that also means…new social media and websites…the part I hate.

My first step is to decide which books/stories go with which name. That is not as easy as it sounds. I am going to be taking The Arrangement down from Amazon and re-releasing as the first Raquel Graffen novel. Followed shortly afterwards by its sequel…Rings of Fire. Of course, once they are edited the Njord’s series (renaming Ægir’s) will be under Raquel too.

Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour series and the upcoming release of An Angel’s Wish will be all Tara Neale. As will sweet romances like Night Walker’s Woman. Basically anything with a heat rating of 2 or 3…i.e. using ‘sweet’ language to describe the sex scenes…and staying away from ‘taboo’ subjects like BDSM, polyamory, and LGBT.

So what do you need to do?

Nothing really. This blog will shortly be changing names and be the Raquel Graffen one. As will the Twitter account. I will also be changing my Facebook Pages. So more of that will be forthcoming.

But if you want updates on the Tara Neale releases…please check out my


I may occasionally post updates on those stories here…but never the other way around.

So I guess for those of you googling Raquel Graffen…now you know…

She is me. Or I am her? Whatever!

Hopefully, it is a happily ever after ending either way.

Signing off,


Tara Neale writing as Raquel Graffen

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