Back From the Dead!

No, despite rumors to the contrary, I am not dead. Far from it.

I am alive, happy, and living my dreams in picturesque Swansea, Wales.

With the man of my dreams. A REAL-life hero more wonderful than any I have ever written or read about. And if I ever attempted to write our love story…none of you would believe it.

But all that HAPPINESS has meant that I put writing on a back burner for a while. Alright…a long, Long, LONG while.

I mean between…

  • Unschooling PanKwake, my brilliant autistic daughter…
  • Loving up Cookie Monster (the online pseudonym he picked for himself)…
  • Two moves in less than a year…
  • A fabulous new home that is 150 years old this year, HUGE, and in needs of lots of TLC… (her name is #HomeCrazzyHome)
  • A pout with joint pain that almost spiralled me into depression and was so bad that I spent most of the day in bed once or twice a week…
  • And an active social life full of new friends…

I did not have time for much writing or editing. Let alone all the promoting and marketing that goes with it.

So I made a decision to

Live Love…rather than write it!


And while I am not espousing to my old standards of Literotica’s Survivor contest which I proudly participated in four or five times…the one that accounts for most of my 240+ submissions there…

I am back…sort of.

I am still evaluating WHAT exactly that means…which stories I will finish…which I will publish…and when. But so far, I know this much, in what remains of 2017, I will…

  • Re-release all existing works on Kindle KDP (i.e. free to read with Unlimited) and in PAPERBACK! In fact, The Arrangement already is…and I am working on My Country Tis of Thee.
  • Edit and NEW release Rings of Fire, the sequel to The Arrangement.
  • And finish posting Ægir’s Wife to Lit.

Beyond that I do not know yet…but this and my Facebook author page ( or Twitter (@tara_neale) are the best place for updates.


2 thoughts on “Back From the Dead!

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’re still writing. I’ve missed your stories, but I’m happy you’ve been enjoying life.

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