NaNo…Day 29

And the Curse continues…

2010…My first Nano – I began The Re-Awakening. My computer broke on day 7 and I lost 10+k words…and quit.

2013… Priestesses of the Goddess…I wrote 63+K words…and WON…and I still have not finished that novel!

2014… My Country Tis of Thee – Again on day 12 with 15K words written my computer broke…and all was lost.

2015… I don’t even know why I tried then since I was on holiday for most of the month. I don’t even remember what I was working on either.

And with just two days to go in NaNo 2016…

  1. I have finally broken 40K+ words
  2. Ægir’s is mostly finished (an Epilogue and perhaps a serious rewrite with Sven to go…but the bare bones are there)
  3. Half of Sergeant Mike book 4 is complete…but a bit lost on it
  4. And blogs are well…working on it.

Yes, I COULD in theory hit 50K words…IF I totally ignore PanKwake, Cookie Monster and the house…and stayed up most of the night.

But is it worth it?

Answer: NO!

But as Cookie and I talked about over breakfast…that does not mean NaNoWriMo was a failure. Not at all!

I came close. And more importantly…I re-established the daily writing habit…amid the chaos of a possible move, carpet men, a broken dryer, an autistic ten year old, a new relationship, a huge house, a parent’s conference…AND my massive Thanksgiving. Even then I wrote 3 words…just so I could say I wrote all thirty days.

But more importantly this month gave me a real feel for my priorities going into planning for 2017. What is realistic expectations….and what is just not worth it. And that is priceless.

The good news…as I told Cookie…I can no more stop writing than I can quit breathing. I am a writer. It is not a career choice. Or a job. It is not what I do. It is who I am. And even during the roughest of times when I don’t have two minutes at the computer they are all clamoring in my head to let them all…to put their stories to words…to tell them to you.

So breath easier…yes there will be more in 2017.

And I am also confident that some day…one day…I will be a ‘success’. That my books will make those lists. But that takes time, work and effort…as well as some luck. For right now, those first three are just things I do not have enough of.

Thanks to NaNo 2016…I know that now.

And I am going into planning soon…will keep you all posted as to what you can expect from Tara.

But for now…these are what is most important to me…


And that is how it should be!

So off now to get some REAL work done on restoring our lives and cleaning this house that I have let go for way too long. Like my beloved Scarlet says…

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