So if you don’t already know it…November is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo for short. It has become an international event that challenges all aspiring writers around to world to complete a novel aka write 50K words during the month of November.

According to my sats, I have been participating since 2011. But honestly only reached that goal once…and even then I wrote 67+K words and did not finish the damned book (Priestesses of the Goddess). Any way…I am at it again this year. And to circumnavigate my NaNo curse, I am going to post my daily musings here.

My NaNo curse, you ask?

Well, let me tell you that story…

I began with high hopes in 2011. I was going to update (fanfic) a classic tale of feminist woe…The Awakening by Kate Chopin. My intent was to bring this story of a woman facing a summer of discontent into the 21st century…when women have actual choices. I got off to an amazing start too….about 11K words in that first week. Then my laptop broke. It was gone…ALL GONE. All my work. I was so discouraged.

But I did not give up. No, not me. So the next year, I decided I was going to write book 1 of the Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour. Again I got off to a great start…about 10K or 15K words…then my computer had the black screen of death. No biggie, right? That is why you have AutoSave? Except when I rebooted and opened that file…it was GONE. Yes, gone. AGAIN!

You would think I would learn after that, right? No, not this girl. The same thing happened again a couple of years later with book 2, Labors End. I was so discouraged that time that it took me two more years to finish that book off.

But I did finally learn my lesson. So after that I started not just saving….or even saving to the cloud. No, I took to posting all of the unfinished Priestesses of the Goddess to Literotica. This year…while I will also do that with some of my NaNo writing, I am also going to post my ROUGH drafts here to my blog.

But you know rebel me…do I ever follow the rules? OK…but not often. So for 2016, I am NOT writing a new novel…well, sort of. Instead, I am finishing up this year by tying up lose ends. Completing some pending projects…which should make ya’ll pretty damn happy.

So what am I doing exactly anyway?

During the first week to ten days…I am working on Homes for Heroes…book 4 of Sergeant Mike’s Miracle Tour. Esther has hopped on the back of Mike’s Harley and they are off to New Orleans where one of his former Marines is rebuilding abandoned houses in the devastated Ninth Ward for homeless veterans and their families. My hope is to finish that novella on or around November 11th…Veterans Day. In honor of all the true super heroes in this world.

But that is just a novella and won’t come close to a 50K word count…or I hope not anyway. So then it is off to….drum roll please…finishing… Ægir’s Wife. Yes, I said FINISHING Ægir’s…after over 300K words, Kirsty…and Bjorn, Mikael, hell even Sven are going to get their happily ever after.

If that is not enough then I am also re-starting a couple of my blogs…with the decision to separate them out a bit…this one for writing related crap…PanKwake for mommy, homeschool and autism stuff….and my oldest blog Frugal Fam for cooking, sewing and 50s lifestyle shit. I know I said I hated fragmenting myself like that but let’s be honest…not everyone can be as complex as me. This way each can reach its own audience…and other weirdos like me can follow them all.

Then if there is still time and words leftover…I have dozens of other unfinished projects that I need to get my sorry butt back to…

Priestesses of the Goddess, Night Walker’s Woman, The Fall of Man, Small Town Secrets, Forbidden Fruit…

The sequels to my other stories too…book 3 of the Apocalypse series…whichever that turns out to be…more Mike’s Miracle Tours…yes, even more Ægir’s.

And a very special one that has been floating around in my head…a humorous take on a fav romance trope…millionaire Doms. You see I have been distracted these past few months with my very own millionaire Dom…and they ain’t always like silly Christian Greys. I will just leave with the title….cause we all know by now what a tease Tara is…

The Charity Shop Millionaire Dom…dedicated to my beloved Cookie Monster.

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