REAL Woman Wednesday: Keep Moving!

Last week, I shared my grey hairs with you. Today I would like to share something more precious…HOPE.

One of my favorite actors and role models is Dick Van Dyke. I am a bit too young to remember his first TV series, the Dick Van Dyke Show. And a deep dark confession…I have never seen Mary Poppins. But as a child I loved Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So when I saw that he had been caught performing the theme song from that movie over breakfast at Denny’s, I had to look it up.

Pretty impressive, huh? Especially for an ‘old’ guy. But while I was searching, I found this one too.

A book on ageing? From this man, I’ll buy it.

But what I really got was when he said that he did not feel that old. I know that feeling…I don’t feel fifty either.

Yes, my knee may act up after a long Sunday walk with Cookie Monster and PanKwake. But do you know why? Because I landed on it the wrong way a few months ago while playing tag in the park with her and some friends.

That’s right the ‘old’ woman was running around chasing a bunch of little kids while moms half my age were sitting on the benches on their cell phones.

And sometimes my back bothers me…but again old injuries.

Just like the hair coloring, those are nothing that a couple of ibuprofen and some vitamin/herbal supplements can’t handle.

It is what is between your ears and in your heart that matters. And there…honestly…I am somewhere in my 20s.

As with Van Dyke, I attribute a good deal of that to love. Despite a VERY rough week (not even REAL millionaire Doms can make challenges like autism just disappear…only living with it a bit easier), I cannot think of a time in my life when I have been happier. A bad day is better than good ones used to be…because of love.

I like too his comments on singing and dancing…I resemble that. I am a horrible dancer and a worse singer but I do them both anyway. And often…even to humming Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all day after that video.

So yes…those videos were enough to whet my appetite for more of his wisdom. I will be buying and reviewing Keep Moving.

But it may take me a while to get around to it…because PanKwake, Cookie Monster and life KEEP this girl MOVING.

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