Teaser Tuesday: Warning…

More than just the summer weather is heating up, folks…

Back to Ægir’s Wife today… (Strong R-rating)

She was breathless not just from the exertion, but more so from the desire and anticipation coursing through her whole body from toes to the roots of her hair. “Yes, Master. Yes, Sir. Yours to do with as you wish.”

She was glad that her head was down because she could not stifle the satisfied grin at the quick intake of breath she heard from them both.

12289665_1182362095124825_7642547613820884416_nOh yes, this lifestyle was most definitely misunderstood. Doms were not tyrants with some deep psychotic need for power over another human being. And subs most definitely were not powerless victims. In some ways, this partnership was the ultimate form of equality. Both needing something and in turn giving back. Facultative symbiosis as scientists would call this relationship that was not absolutely necessary but gave each a greater chance of survival. Or happiness in this case.

It was her turn to benefit with a quick intake of breath as Mikael’s hands wove through her hair, tugging firmly until she stared up into those warm silvery depths, “As it should be, brat.” They twinkled with mirth as he unbuttoned his jeans and released his hard cock.

Kirsty sighed as she leaned in to kiss the head of it. Her tongue swirled like a kitten lapping at cream and she was just as satisfied. But Bjorn was not to be denied either, releasing his cock from the confines of too tight jeans. She turned her head and smiled up at him before swallowing half of it.

For several long minutes she took turns contentedly sucking first one then the other. She stifled a girlish giggle at the thought of how hot a porn it would make. Except of course that this intimacy was about more than mere sex. It was love.

She used her hands as well as her mouth to keep them both on the edge. She fed off of the low roars and subtle thrusts of their hips. She could not take her eyes off of either of them. Her husbands.

She would have been more than content to finish them both off this way. Some odd desire to have them both come over her tits and face. But they were not.

Mikael held out his hand and helped her clumsily rise to her feet. She blushed but it was not necessary as he bent and kissed her. “Beautiful,” he whispered causing her blush to deepen.

She did not have the opportunity to protest though. Bjorn quickly distracted her with pain as he pinched her nipples firmly between his fingers, tugging and pulling as if sucking. Now it was she who was moaning and not so subtly rubbing against them, an unspoken plea.

She jumped as Mikael’s hand made firm contact with her bare bottom. “Patience, brat. We have all night.”

Bjorn leaned in and suckled at her ear as he whispered, “The rest of our lives, our sweet Frejya.”

That was all it took as her body did that which this man had from that first night in this cabin trained it to do. It soared as she felt the tendrils of need both tighten to the point of breaking and spring forth. She bit her lower lip to hold back the scream that even then would have exploded unbidden if not for Mikael’s mouth covering hers and swallowing the cries of passion.

She felt fingers between her legs, homing in upon the core of her insatiable need. Her screams intensified as those fingers plunged within her depths until she felt the wetness gush forth with the power of the fjord meeting the ocean. Time lost all meaning as her body hung in the heavens of release. But still those fingers moved deeper and surer within her.

She collapsed mindlessly into their arms. Then suddenly she found herself among the soft warmth of the bed where it had all began. Her throat tightened momentarily as she thought of him. Sven. The one who had captured her imagination and heart from the beginning. But she pushed those thoughts away. There would be time to settle that later but this night was about them, as she opened her arms wide invitation.

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