Sewing Sunday: WARNING!

I came to a realization this morning. When it comes to sewing…I may have an addiction. What’s more…I do not know a single friend who sews that does not have the same problem.

So before I get serious about this Sewing Sunday blog and we jump into projects, I just thought I would warn you all…

BEWARE: Sewing, i.e. purchasing and keeping vast quantities of material, laces and sundries may become a serious problem.

When Cookie Monster ask us to move in with him, I made it clear that meant bringing ALL of PanKwake’s multitude of stuff…her collections. But that there was not much of my stuff that I was attached too. EXCEPT my sewing.

This is what came with me…


AND…I actually got in a throw it away mood and gave three large garbage bags to the nursery that PanKwake had attended. THREE bags full!!!

Good news is that I am an organized hoarder…all of that fits nicely under my desk.

But like I said…I do not know a single person who sews that does not have the exact same problem. I have been to friend’s homes where they have a sewing room…and it is still packed full and overflowing.

The problem is…


Once you unleash this demon, you will never look at a piece of cloth, an old torn pair of jeans or a scrap the same. You will see…the potential. The dream. What it can be. That is a hard thing to tame.

When put that way…who wants to?

But it might not be a bad idea to leash the puppy…just a bit. Establish some rules going in…like:

  • No more stuff than I have space.
  • No purchasing something new until have finished one project…or a box if things have gotten out of hand.
  • Go through your stash BEFORE buying something new (oh the number of times I have bought something that I already had).
  • Clean it out and give stuff away…at least once a year. If you have not used it in that time then you are unlikely to.

Just know that once you begin this journey…you will never be the same. You will see a dress in a shop and think…I can do that in this color/pattern. Or that is nice but it would look much better with this kind of sleeve or neckline. You will find a pillow or craft in a store and pick it up…just to see how it was made. The world will become a new creation just waiting for you to sew it…make it.

Remember though there are only 24 hours in your day…7 days in week…and 52 of those in a year. You cannot make more of those…so be as realistic as you can be about what you can accomplish. And keep your hoard to those limits…as much as possible anyway.

I am certainly not there, but then again maybe if I had followed those rules from the beginning I would be?

Good luck…I hope you can master this addiction more than me or my sewing friends.

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