Sensual Saturday: Say or Show?

I love you!

Which is more important…to say the words or to show them with your actions?

Saying those words is a HUGE leap of faith and commitment. I remember the first time I said them to Cookie Monster. I won’t rehash old stories but you can find it here. Thing is that we were barely two weeks into this journey. It was definitely too soon…or so convention tells me. Thing is neither he nor I are conventional.

But it is not just the first time that is hard. Each and every time you say those words aloud it is a reminder to them…and you of the commitment that you have made to them.

Or it should be. I have been with partners who had no idea the power of those words.  One thought he wasPatrick Swayze in Ghost…

Honestly here…it wasn’t cute when he did. It was a pathetic excuse of manhood…one he had to die to learn the importance of. And that guy sure as heck was no Patrick Swayze.

On the other hand, with another it was like some sing-song, toss-away after-thought. It sounded insincere. So much so that towards the end it was like nails on a blackboard.

On the third hand, unless they are the grandiose actions of Richard Gere in Pretty Woman…

It is way to easy to misinterpret courtesy as something more…or discount love as nothing more friendship (how so many nice guys end up in the friendzone).

But despite the fact that every day I wake up feeling like Cinderella…REAL life is NOT a cheesy movie scene. It is struggles…jobs to be done, food to be cooked, kids to be cared for, finances, relatives, friends…and so much more.

The one thing you do not need is to have to constantly be wondering…does he (she) still love me?

And that takes a bit of everything…the words, hugs, kisses, the small and sometimes even those grandiose acts of love.

  • Breakfast…
  • Cwtch (Welsh for cuddles) to start the day…
  • Forehead kisses…
  • ‘I love you.’…
  • Dinner in the dining room…
  • Nightly (or almost) massages after a hard day…
  • …and making your body available to him/her whenever they have need of comfort or simply release.

Then doing that all over again the next day…and the next…and the day after that…and next week…next month…next year.

It means too remembering that you love them…even when you may not like them. Sounds like another blog in the making.

So this weeks challenge…How many times do you tell her/him that you love them? How do you show it? And please share…


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