Mommy Monday: Pink Paradise

I am late getting this blog out today because I spent the morning when I usually write working to put the Pink Paradise together.

After this big move, most of the house is back to some liveable order-chaos balance. Not so with the Pink Paradise. But this morning I FINALLY unpacked the last box. Not that the room is finished by any means, but at least now I know what I am finally working with. How much stuff is left versus how much space.

But while I have been working there, PanKwake has taken up residence in the family room (formerly the living room…back before Cookie Monster invited chaos into his orderly realm). The other day Cookie went in there and commented that she had detonated all over it. She stopped for a moment and thought. Then she replied, “I prefer to think of it as an explosion of creativity.”


But I don’t mind. I am privileged to have people that I love to care for. Loads of people live alone in perfectly orderly insane asylums. At least mine is filled with laughter and love as well as the mess. That makes it all worth it.

That is the loving madness that has kept me from the computer and cyberspace…and very much in the REAL world. But I put a dent in it today…so fingers crossed I will find my way back soon. Though probably never as much as before…because I am finally living my dream. Shhh…don’t wake this sleeping beauty.


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