Foody Friday: What’s on the Menu…

Welcome to my all-new Foody Friday blog. In addition to being the mom of a large family, at one time cooking for four hungry teens on a budget, I have also worked as a cook in a mental health daycenter and tried my hand at my own catering business. But far and away my greatest joy is simply cooking nutritious, delicious meals (and snacks) for my family. These days that is primarily my beloved Cookie Monster…since PanKwake gives new meaning to the word ‘picky’ (as do most on the autistic spectrum).

IMG_2626So when I began revamping this blog, I was torn between keeping my kink-friendly Freaky Friday and this. I realized that I could sneak some kink into Sensual Saturday…and honestly even I run out of things to say about sex…after a year and a half that is.

Besides the way to man’s heart begins at his stomach…and then moves lower. After all I did take chocolate chip cookies on my first date with Cookie…and created a Monster…lol. It is only natural then that with this new focus upon 50’s lifestyle with a modern twist this becomes Foody Friday.

So what is on the menu then?

  • Recipes of course…things I learned growing up in the South, as a young wife and mother, money and time saving tips for single moms and of course entertaining and dinner parties too.
  • But it is not just my own recipes that I will share here. One of the marks of a truly great cook is curiosity. Always being open to try new things. So I will be doing just that…and letting you know how it turned out with Recipe Reviews.
  • Planning, budgeting and time-saving tips…for everyone. And special tips for eating healthier…not vegan or obsessive, but ideas of making the most of everyday foods.

And fingers crossed this is where I will roll out something truly new for me…a vlog. Video blog. I am working to learn YouTube enough to post videos of cooking and sewing. Taking you into my home and family to share a meal and good conversation.

So I hope that you will join me for those and more on Foody Friday. Next week we begin at looking at menus of a different kind…weekly family ones. I’ll share mine and explain why it is an important first step for all cooks…especially busy homemakers.

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