Sensual Saturday: Surprises…

I know today was supposed to be Fair Fighting …and you have my word I will get back to it.

But since Sensual Saturday is all about relationship stuff, I figured I would use it as a chance to share a secret with you…

Funny Face
Roller coaster of life with the great love of mine…Cookie Monster.

I introduced you to the man in my life, Cookie Monster. What I did not tell you is that we are in the process of moving in together.

PanKwake and I just spent most of June at his home in Swansea, Wales. I love it! The people are so much friendlier than London…like my Southern upbringing. We are only a 15 walk from the beach…and I am a water woman. The house is HUGE…I even have my own study for writing and sewing. And best of all…it has Cookie. We have fallen into a routine/rhythm of the 50s lifestyle and I have never been happier.

PanKwake too has a garden…backyard where I come from to play in. The day after we got there…Cookie and I put up a trampoline for her. And a sand box/pool. She has the top floor of the house and keeps asking me when I am going to regret it…since I must climb four…yes 4…flights of stairs every time she calls. I just tell her that I am going to have the butt and legs of a 20 year-old.

Here comes the sort of bad news…we are now back in London with two weeks to pack up all her stuff….and there is LOADS of it. Then once we get back, we are inundated with family…his and mine. So I won’t be around much or able to write until the end of July or maybe early August.

I am going to recycle old blogs and use up some funny memes to keep this running in the meantime. And my Ægir’s fans will be happy to know that I post what I had managed to write of Chapter 9 to Literotica on Friday before leaving. I will post part 2 once I can get back to it…finish the hot menage scene and reunite them all with Sven. But I did not want to make you wait any longer. Oh…and those who have liked my Facebook page do not have to wait for the Lit goddess…it is posted there too.

So wish me luck and bear with me if I am slower to respond to comments and messages for a bit. I know it will all be worth it in the end…things have moved fast with Cookie and I…but not as fast as…

Kirsty and Sven, Mikael and Bjorn (Ægir’s Captive and Bride…and Wife)…

Or Jill and Daniel (The Arrangement)…

Or Rex Ranger and Jaycee (Nightwalker’s Woman)…

Or Jack and Abby (Small Town Secrets)…

Oh, wait! No wonder things have moved so fast with Cookie Monster. Like my heroines, I know a good man when I find him…and I ain’t gonna let some other woman come in and scoop this prize up out of my hands. I’m grabbing onto to him and happiness and holding on tight…for the rest of my life. 


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