Teaser Tuesday: They’re Back…

Just what you have all been waiting for. My goal is to finish and post before we head back to London later this week. Fingers crossed for early next week?

Bjorn Windswept“Go ahead and finish stripping her without me. I am just going to have a look in the toy box and see if the Old Man left anything good in there,” Bjorn teased them.

“Surprisingly, I had very little I needed to restock before making this trip,” Mikael replied.

Bjorn’s surprise must have registered on his face, because his brother paused as he pulled the caftan style dress off over Kirsty’s head, “What did you think I would forget the important shit? Even in the rush? The gag ball is on top in the corner.”

His brother’s hand came down hard on her outer thigh and their wife jumped, letting out a high keening squeal. “I’m going to make damned sure we need it this time.”

He shook his head as he turned back to the chest that sat at the foot of the bed. He smiled as he remembered how she had greeted him that first night…totally naked and with every toy in the box laid out for his use.

Did she realize how hard it had been to restrain his urges then? But he had needed so much more from her than she was willing to give then. He was glad that he had had the will power and wisdom to choose the other path. To win her trust and her love before he took her body.

He knew that she loved his brothers, though he was still not completely comfortable with why or how she could Sven. But he knew too that the bonds of friendship that they had begun to forge that night in this cabin were what had carried them through the past few months. As trying as those fires had been they had come out on the other side wiser and stronger as a couple and a family.

And for the first time in their almost year of marriage…he was no longer jealous of the bonds she shared with his brothers. Because he knew the strengths of their own. And finally understood what Petrine had always taught him…the trick was to love them all the same but differently.

Their wife had seemed to know that one instinctively…even when he and his brothers were stumbling in the dark, trying to find their ways to her…she had known.

And like the ancient lighthouses that their ancestors had followed when it was too dark and stormy to see the stars, her love had been the beacon that had drawn them all home to her, that had forged bonds of brotherhood deeper than ever before, that had re-created a family out of broken pieces of men who had drifted apart on the turbulent waters of life.

They owed this woman so much. And he was going to spend the rest of his life repaying her for the gifts that she had given them all. Even if there were battles still to be fought…for the first time, he was certain that they would win. Together.

He found the gag ball…the rope…and his brother’s nasty looking tawse. He closed the lid of the toy box and opened his bag that sat on the floor next to it. He pulled out his favorite toys…the sons of Odin floggers.

He turned back to find a naked Kirsty rubbing against Mikael like an alley cat in heat, begging and pleading as she practically tore his shirt off him and started to work on the button on his jeans.

“Hand me the ropes, kid,” Mikael pleaded with mirth dancing in his eyes. “The woman has no patience. Good thing Mr. High Protocol is not here or she would be standing naked in the corner for an hour,” he teased as he laced his fingers through her long red hair and drew her head back for another kiss.

Bjorn wondered just who would have the upper hand this night. It might be two against one, but something told him that would not stop their wife. “I blame you, big brother. She is never this bratty with me.”

“And you, Kirsty, stop topping from the bottom or we can try orgasm denial. For the whole night,” he was barely able to hide the grin that would tell her it was only a bluff. There was no way he was denying them the pleasure of making her cum over and over and over again this night. They needed it probably just as badly as she did.

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