The Times They Are A-Changing

In my teens I fell in love with 60s music and this Bob Dylan classic is among my favorites…

And while I was not yet born when this song was written, its sentiments touch me still.

As I mentioned a few days ago, REAL life has taken a sudden, completely unexpected and very pleasant turn. I have never been happier than I am now. In so many ways, I feel like I am finally living the life I have dreamt of…in Cookie Monster’s arms.

But it is not just my life that is undergoing massive changes. One of the best things about a blog is how it grows and changes over time with you. I have been thinking about that and about how this blog could better reflect my new life.

As many of you know one of my fetishes is the 50s lifestyle. And if I am not living online anymore, it is because I am enjoying settling into just that with Cookie. Making breakfast (lunch and dinner too of course), laundry, and of course baking those cookies from which he gets his nickname. Never before in my life have I had more than a taste of this delicious buffet. Now I am gorging on all it has to offer…and enjoying my meal. So it is only natural that my blog change to reflect what has always been a passion in my life…just as much as my writing.

The other motivating factor for this decision is the dearth of quality 50s/submissive lifestyle books…without a Christian basis. Now don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with that. I am a huge fan of the Proverbs 31 Woman and will be referring to that often…but from a polytheistic and kink friendly perspective. My goal is to offer a non-religious basis for these life-style choices.

But if you like my blog (or are like me and just hate change…argh!) don’t worry too much. There will still be plenty of the things that you do like…with just a couple new friends.

What exactly will all this look like then?

No major changes for the first three days of the week.

Mommy Monday – Still features funny and poignant anecdotes of the challenges of raising children in this post-modern and not always family-friendly world…especially a special needs one.

Teaser Tuesday – Is the life’s blood of this blog…featuring a sneak peak at my fiction writing before you can see it anywhere else.

REAL Woman Wednesday – Will change only slightly to focus more upon the practical life-style changes of diet and exercise, drawing upon my degree in health education and my two plus years as an L.A. personal trainer.

The first major change will be Thursday when we go from Thoughtful to Thrifty Thursday. It will draw upon my old Frugal Fam blog with updates and new insights. It will feature ideas for saving money and time in and around the home.

While it may seem a tad out of place, I remain committed to exploring alternative lifestyles on Freaky Friday. Come on, I can’t be the only one that thinks Ward and June had their own toy box that the Beaver knew nothing about?

Sensual Saturday will continue to focus upon the common communication and relationship issues most couples face in and out of the lifestyle…but from a distinctly 50s/traditional standpoint.

Sewing Sunday…When Cookie Monster tossed out this one over Sunday dinner, I fell in love (again). This one may sound über traditional but is actually complete rebellion for me. You see Grandma Quarters used to say…you will pull out every stitch you sew on Sunday in hell…with your teeth. So this is a bit of thumbing my nose at the religion of my youth.

Of course, one other thing will not change…my witty, straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is style. All REAL Tara Neale…all the time.

I am excited about these changes (though not quite as much as some others that are coming up). I see this as stepping more fully into my role as custodian to the past: those REAL 50s housewives that I have been telling you about, Nanny, Miss McCall, Mama Tatley and Aunt Mildred. I look forward to sharing more of their wisdom with you in the coming days, weeks and months. I believe that it holds lessons that we need now more than ever.

I hope you will continue to join me for this adventure called REAL Life…50s style.

2 thoughts on “The Times They Are A-Changing

  1. 50’s lifestyle you may be gong for the incorrect TV wife. I remember vividly that Donna Reed as the best of those women. She walks downstairs in show open and as her face came into camera range and she was smiling! Not the “do these pearls look good” smile but as she smiling, the camera then went to Carl Betz who looked like he could make a woman smile! When she came downstairs, the pearls were there but you know she had earned them. Ward & June is a stretch when it come to that – I think she only had them because they were the style at the time. Maybe with this new life we will learn more Small Town Secrets although before you start the new life, maybe Kirsty could settle into her new life which will not be very much like either June Cleaver or Donna Reed!

    1. Yes…to Kirsty which I am sure you will appreciate today’s post then. And also yes to Small Town Secrets…though Jill in The Arrangement is not far off (except Mistress J maybe?).

      I was actually thinking about just how many of my heroines lived this lifestyle when I wrote that blog. I just did not want to seem to ‘marketing’ with it. But it is well over half…maybe as much as 3/4s. So this change is definitely in line with my fiction writing as well as my own life.

      And yes I can see your point…Donna Reed most of the time from here on out. Though most of my references will be to the REAL 50s working class homemakers that I was privileged to call my friends as a little girl.

      Thank you for the insight though! And the kick in the butt to get back to writing on other stories…soon…very soon.

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