Freaky Friday: Secret to the Best BJs

My future daughter-in-law stopped by the house last Sunday for my birthday. She is planning Mister Stability’s upcoming trip and had casually mentioned on the phone earlier that this would be their first time with fellatio…blow jobs. You see until a couple of months ago she had a mouthful of metal…braces. Of course, knowing me as you do, you know I volunteered lessons.

In the end though…I was a good girl…and did what one always should do…I respected her boundaries.

You see our Greta grew up in another culture…a conservative one. In fact, her mother would not allow her to be out too late when she and Mister Stability were dating. Only once that diamond was on her finger did the woman loosen the reigns…just a bit. Funny thing is that her mother and I may totally disagree on the sex side of marriage but we are eye-to-eye on a wife’s role…go figure.

But while I did not embarrass her with the semantics of techniques on dildos or vegetables, I did manage to delicately give her the one secret that is more important than all of that. And today I want to share that with you…

Enjoy it!!!

In fact, you can watch all the best porn videos, study the secrets of that infamous 70s  one by the name…Deep Throat, but if you do not do that one thing it will never be truly good. In fact, half of those videos or more have that very problem…good technique and poor execution.

Oh I hear a couple of you moaning now…‘But that is disgusting, nasty, horrible. How can you possibly enjoy THAT?’

Simple…because you love him. That means that you want to please him. Want to go that extra mile for this person. And you show it through your actions.

That is something that cannot be faked for a camera. Something that trumps technique every single time. In fact, there is NO single technique. Because each man is unique and different. What pleases one may in fact not be pleasant to another. In fact, what pleases his one time may not get the job done the next.

Speaking of job…the name ‘blow job’ is a complete misnomer. First of all, the amount of ‘blowing’ is minuscule, if at all. The action is in fact the opposite…sucking. And like I said, the whole point is that both of you enjoy what you are doing. If you act like this is a ‘job’ to get done as quickly as possible…well then clearly, you ain’t doing it right.

Perhaps a better name would be SUCK FUN?

12321594_521089504738174_6391864995134587877_nSo, my beloved Greta (and the rest of you), just remember that there is no ‘right way’ to perform fellatio. As long as he is enjoying…as evidenced by the moans and twitches that can never lie. And as long as your own soft mews create a perfect symphony…then you are doing it…PERFECTLY…for the two of you. And that is all that matters.

Because remember…

Nothing done in love can ever be wrong!



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