Thoughtful Thursday: REAL Life…

Okay…if you have noticed that I have not been as consistent with my blogs or living on my Facebook, I guess it is time for me to come out of the closet. Not that there is one big enough to hide this girl’s crazy.

There are big changes in my life. Huge ones…

After a rather crappy start to 2016, May Day turned everything around. Following the Valentine’s massacre, I had totally and completely given up on love…other than in my books. But I was looking for new friends to just do things with on Sundays when PanKwake was with her carer.

Except my beloved goddess and her sadistic husband/Master Fate had other ideas. They seemed to think that at long last I had learned the difference between men and boys. So they brought a truly amazing MAN into my life.

One who can laugh when PanKwake is calling out that she is hungry…at 2 AM. One that will tag all around Legoland with us…without complaining…and even get on rides that he hates almost as much as I do. One that will hold me while I cry after the worst of her meltdowns.

One that is scary smart and knows all the crazy psychology and philosophy references I like to make. One that has a sense of humor…in the worst/best sort of way. One that plays so many instruments…the house is always full of music (he claims he is not very good at it, but my tin ear can’t tell the difference so who cares?).

If I had made a laundry list or written a book with my ideal romantic hero, it would not have been as perfect for me as this man.

Of course, you know me…as transparent as I always am with my life, I still like to give the ones I love some semblance of anonymity. Thus my crazy ass, code names…PanKwake, Mr. Stability, Captain America, Firebird and Thor…among others. So keeping in that vain, he has become the Cookie Monster.

I actually delayed this reveal for a couple of weeks now…just because I sometimes feel like Cinderella and keep waiting for this magical carriage ride to turn back into a pumpkin, the horses into mice and my ball gown into rags.

But over the past few days, I have remembered the rest of that story…even when they did, her prince went looking and found her. She ended up living in his castle…despite her rags. Because of her pure heart that meant more to him than status.

So yes…I am Cindrella as well as Wonder Woman.

I can be that strong heroine and save myself…and still lean on Prince Charming…and he can lean right back on me. Because this is REAL life not some comic book or fairytale. And in REAL life, people and situations are more complex than that.

One of my bigger problems with THAT book was in fact its title…there is nothing in the lifestyle that is shades of grey. It is all the colors of the rainbow.

And there is no longer any doubt…I have found the end of my rainbow…and Cookie Monster is so much more than any silly pot of gold…He is all I have ever wanted and more. Thank you sweet goddess…and Fate.

So for the ‘bad’ news…as I said with all these changes it has become a challenge to maintain the aggressive writing schedule I had planned for 2016. I mean when I wrote those plans it was just me and PanKwake in an established routine. Now I am needing to give two people my time and attention…to blend three individuals into a family, to lay a solid foundation upon which to build that castle, to establish new routines and schedules. So of course some things need to slide.

As I have told Cookie Monster…writer is who I am. I could no more go without writing than breathing…or my kids…or now him. But as my favorite writer and philosopher, Dr. Seuss says…”Life is a great balancing act.”

For the remainder of 2016, this blog will become an every other day thing. I do not want to pick and choose between Mommy Mondays, Teaser Tuesdays, REAL Women Wednesdays or any of the rest so it seems the easiest thing. One week will be Mommy Monday, REAL Woman Wednesday, Freaky Friday and Serious Sunday. The next will be Teaser Tuesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Sensual Saturday.

In addition, I will not be releasing as many ebooks this year. Instead I will be focusing upon finishing up existing stories…yes your beloved Ægir’s and likely Book 1 of Priestesses of the Goddess. I will re-release my existing books with some cover changes to ALL distributors, not just Amazon. And I will be doing loads of re-writes and edits. My hope is that by 2017 I will be in a position personally and professionally to hit the ground running with that aggressive release schedule…and the products be even better.

But the truth is…I can live without ever making the NYT Bestsellers’ List…I cannot without Him. Well, I would not want to…now that I know what happiness and secure love feels like anyway.

So let me introduce you all to my beloved…Cookie Monster…

Funny Face

I used this picture from our recent Legoland trip on Mommy Monday…without properly introducing Him. But I like it…something prophetic and poetic about it. Life is by its nature always going to be a roller coaster ride. In fact  when asked why I hate the damned things so much that is my reply…that life is enough of one, I do not need to put myself through more.

Cookie Monster is 100% the man, partner and Dom that I want sitting next to me and holding my hand through this amusement park ride that we call life. And yes, I love Him to pieces and have never been happier.

Hell, I don’t think the heroines in my book are this happy. And that is saying something.

3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: REAL Life…

  1. Glad you finally spilled the details on your AMAZING life 😍😍 As always, I love seeing you happy!❤️💙🌻💐

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