Sensual Saturday: Key to Her Heart

I am always telling the ladies how to spoil him. So today I thought I would share the key to her heart with you guys. So if you have found the woman of your dreams…are you ready? It is not as complex as you think. One simple thing actually…

Forehead Kiss

Yes, it is that easy!

No, it will NOT work on spoiled little girls.

But to a REAL woman, someone who values friendship, respect, trust, honesty, communication and all the other good stuff, it is priceless. Worth more than anything you could buy her.

And trust me…

Forehead Kiss 2

And if you are worried that it makes you look weak, wimpy, whatever…trust me on this one…nothing is more masculine than loving, respecting, cherishing and protecting what is yours. That is what a forehead kiss says to a woman…

Forehead Kiss 3

Yes, even Doms do it. The good ones anyway. Nothing will make a woman more submissive. They are in fact absolutely, positively a requirement for Daddy Doms.

So whether you use it as a test to see if she is a REAL woman deserving of your love or a spoiled little girl…or to seal the deal on true love…or to keep those flames burning bright, just do it!

And do it…OFTEN!

Nothing will bring out the desire/need to please you the way a forehead kiss will.

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