Mommy Monday: Oh the Things…

(Yes, I know I am a day late…but it was Bank Holiday here)

Oh, the things we’ll do for our children?!?!

12734234_1109805055743305_8369029026822335274_nI think sometimes that our children are sent not so we can teach them right from wrong (cause if you ain’t looked at the state of this world lately…I don’t think we doing so well, folks), but so that they can challenge us, teach us and force us to grow.

All six of mine certainly have. My adult ones are among my best friends. And while Mere-Mere and I may joke one another that we always ask each others advice and never take it, the truth is that we do value it.

And PanKwake’s autism has certainly taught me so fucking much about life, love, happiness and what truly matters in this fucked up world…and what does NOT.

So I wanted to share with you some pics of our trip a few months ago to Legoland. And just tell you a funny story…

My nickname is Mommy Chicken…

I hate roller coasters. I am afraid of heights and things that go too fast. I am perfectly content to simply push the buggy around the park and turn my back while she and someone else do those crazy, stupid, ridiculous shit.

But I had bought the picture package…because of Pankwake’s trouble with visual memory. And it basically came with photographs on certain rides. One of those was the ‘baby’ roller coaster called the Dragon’s Apprentice. Now after her and Regina tackling the Dragon itself, she wanted NOTHING to do with a ‘kiddie’ ride. So crazy woman that I am we challenged her to get me on it.

Yes, for my child I got on a roller coaster…for about a minute. Twice around…maybe 20 feet high at the top and not that fast, but WAY faster than this girl goes. And this is what my face looked like…


Now later on we get another of those photo points which was not working at the time. They graciously offered a print of an earlier photo as compensation (No, NOT this one by the way). As they are going through our file to select one, the young woman comments on this one…asking me if I was frightened. I laugh and respond yes. She politely says that is understandable the Dragon is a bit scary after all. I chuckle and look at her…That was on the Dragon’s Apprentice. She turned so red with embarrassment and Mommy Chicken just laughed.

Who knows…and please no one tell PanKwake this…but maybe one day she will even challenge me enough to face my fears. I certainly love her…and my others…enough to take a few minutes of utter and complete HELL…

Oh wait…five labors…four unmedicated…two homebirths…and three c-sections… A roller coaster should be easy.


Welcome to my crazy world…and even crazier family and I would not have it any other way.


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