Teaser Tuesday: We’re Back…

Your favs…

Kirsty was smiling as she padded into the living room when the doorbell sounded. Monika had just gone to bed…close to midnight of course. But by then she was starving. Mikael had a way of doing that to her. Bjorn, sweetheart that he was, had volunteered to do a late night food run to her favorite Turkish restaurant on Green Lanes. Lamb doner and koftki were all that would do her.

She chuckled as she threw open the door, “That was fast, Bjorn…” She froze for a moment when she saw her father and not her husband standing in the doorway. She was not certain what to do. Her father had not seen her naked since she was four. All she could do was assume the awkward one arm across her tits and the other…

If she thought things could not get any worse… Mikael walked out of their bedroom, equally naked, “What took you so long, baby bro…”

He though was lucky and quickly realized his mistake, ducking back into the safety of the bedroom.

Kirsty on the other hand, and she had none left at the moment, could only bit her lower lip and mumble, “We weren’t expecting you, Daddy.”

“Obviously,” her father mumbled as he looked down at the floor. “Perhaps I should come back another time.”

Kirsty was about to nod her assent, when she felt her satin robe wrap around her shoulders, “No need, Sir.”

She turned to Mikael with tears of gratitude in her eyes as she managed somehow to slip her arms into the holes. He smiled down at her as he tied the belt loosely just above her baby mound. “Come in, Daddy,” she replied as she stepped back.

Mikael had even managed to find his jeans and pull them on somehow. The man had far quicker reflexes than she did. That was for certain.

Her father was red, sweating and appeared the epitome of polite British discomforture as he nodded and stepped reluctantly into the apartment.

Kirsty was trying to collect her thoughts, trying to figure out what she was going to say, how she was going to explain this as she closed the door, but before she could, “Foods here. Hope you are hungry or we’ll have to think of some way to work up an…” Bjorn froze with his mouth open. “Dr. Dickens…”

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