Teaser Tuesday: More Rings…

Yeah, I am STILL working on this one. But only a couple more chapters I think. Hopefully, I’ll have something new for you next week. But until then more Brent…and Lauren…

He moved his fingers as he slowly bent his head. He stared only at her lips until he saw her run her tongue across the bottom one. It had always been an unspoken signal between them. Her way of telling him that she wanted his kiss as much as he needed to taste her. And he gave them both what they wanted.

His lips and tongue savored her more fully than even the best Texas barbeque. He took his time. Drugged her with the slow familiarity of their love until she was whimpering and leaning into him.

Brent was eternally grateful to the foreman of his father’s ranch where he had spent the weeks of his summer not at science camp as he tied a slip knot into one tie without looking. He might not remember the name of the former rodeo cowboy that had been there just a couple of years, but he had not forgotten the rope work he taught him.

He smiled as he gently laced his fingers through hers as he slipped the silk material over her wrist. Just to be certain, he deepened the kiss as he pushed her back against the pillows. He trailed his fingers slowly down her arm as he lifted it into position. He wrapped the other end of the tie around the metal bars of his wrought iron bed, his one luxury in this place.

He quickly tied it off as he continued to distract her with the kiss. He hoped that she would not notice until he managed to get the other tie into place. Perhaps she would even think he still held her wrist. It was a game they had often played in the past, him holding her down as they made love. And why he had the nerve to even try these games.

He might not be as kinky as Daniel or Samuel, but after years of listening to their gentle teasing he was more than a bit curious to try at least a bit of the bondage…and maybe some of barehanded spanking on that soft, round ass of Lauren’s. His cock got even harder at the thought of turning it a nice, warm pink as his fingers finished off knotting another of the ties.

He was just beginning to repeat the process of slipping it gently over her wrist as she began to struggle under him. She tried to jerk her hand away but he held it tightly. She struggled and broke free of his kiss as well.

Her eyes were huge as she stared up at him, “What the fuck are you doing, Brent? This isn’t funny. I’m not into this kinky shit.” She glared at him as she fought to free her hands.

“Really, sweetheart? You didn’t like it even just a little bit? Having your hands tied up with your bra? You don’t enjoy it at all when I hold yours hands down above your head as I fuck you?” he challenged her.

“Having you hold my hands is different, Brent.”

“How, Lauren? Because this way I can use those hands to explore this ripe, beautiful body. I can touch you, bring you pleasure.” He inhaled deeply, he knew why, he understood.

His beloved wife needed control. More accurately the illusion of control. That was what attracted her brilliant mind to science. That was why she had chosen such a conventional career path. Why she eschewed all the alternatives therapies he had suggested for Elise.

He knew why too. Her parents’ divorce when she was just six had left her scarred. In some ways as much as a burn victim. Perhaps worse, because no one saw her scars. She hid them behind the perfect mask conformity, normalcy and convention.

But her scars were costing her. Costing them…had cost them their marriage, seven years apart. And if he did not confront them now, perhaps as cruel as it sounded force her to look in the mirror at them, they made cost them this second chance. And this time it well could be permanent. Worse yet, it could cost their daughters. Hell, already had.

He felt like a bastard. Perhaps even a bit guilty. His mind shied away from the word, but a rapist. He did not want to force her like this. He always preferred to woe her. To love her. But he had tried that seven years ago and he had failed. He had lost her and half of Megan’s life, most of Elise’s. This time the stakes were even higher. He could not lose. He would not.

He finished off tying her other hand and bent to gently kiss her forehead as his now free hand caressed up her inner thigh from her knee towards her bare cunt, “So, Lauren, if you hate this so fucking much then your sweet pussy will be dry and unresponsive?” he challenged.

If he had any doubts, they were allayed by the way her cheeks burned red and she turned her head away, unable to meet his gaze, “Fuck you, Brent.”

His fingers continued their journey, burying themselves deep inside her very wet cunt and sending his wife rapidly spiraling into an orgasm as he felt her muscles tighten and clench like a vise around them. He continued to move them in and out, making certain to press against her sweet spot that he had learned so long ago.

Her head thrashed against his pillow. He loved the play of auburn hair against white cotton. But he missed staring into the green depths of her eyes as she came. And he missed the sound of her sweet moans and whimpers as she bit down hard on her lower lip to deny him the satisfaction.

Perhaps that was for the best though with the girls just down the hall. He certainly was not going to push his luck by using one of the ties as a gag. But maybe in the future…

If there was one…and he was going to do all he damned well could to make sure there was. Even pushing her beyond her comfort zone like this.

He slowed his fingers and allowed her orgasms to recede slowly even though her body continued to squeeze them rhythmically in tiny aftershocks for several moments.

When those big green eyes looked up at him, his resolve flattered at the huge tears in them, “Fuck you, Brent…fuck you,” she cried.

His heart stuttered in his chest. He felt a total and complete bastard. And only the high stakes that he was playing for in this game kept him from breaking.

He held her gaze as difficult as it was to see those tears slip down her cheek. He withdrew his fingers from her body as it gave a final last squeeze. He brought them to his lips and tasted her sweetness as their gazes held. She tried to look away but his other hand captured her jaw and held it immobile as he bent and tasted the bitter, saltiness of those tears. Then he leaned in and tenderly tasted her lips once more, sharing her tastes, pain and fears.

“Forgive me for this, babygirl. If there were any other way, I could reach you…make you see the truth I would, but I have tried patience and love…they did not work.”

“Make me see what, Brent? That you are a fucking asshole? Congrats, you might have finally succeeded there. Extinguished the love I could not,” she spat the accusation at him.

His heart stuttered to a full stop at her words. His mind fractured at the harshness of her words. He reconsidered his choices. But like he had told her, he had tried the other. Time was running out for them…and perhaps for the tiny microorganism that was planet Earth. Desperate times called for desperate measures, they said. So he continued…as hard as it was.

“I hope not, Lauren. Goodness knows I hope not. But sweetheart I have to make you see…”

“See what, Brent? What do you fucking want me to see?” she was back to those whispered screams that had destroyed them seven years ago.

He sighed as his fingers gently brushed more tears from her cheek tenderly, “That you have been bound up in fear all your life, Lauren. Fear of not failure. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not being loveable.”

He pressed his lips softly to hers once more as those eyes widened in shock at his words, perhaps denial even. “But I love you sweetheart. I have since I was a fifteen-year old kid afraid of the hormones raging through his body and I will until the day I die. Even if you reject me again now, Lauren. I will still love you. Be faithful only to you.”

“He stopped loving her today. They placed a wreath upon his door and soon they’ll carry him away. He stopped loving her today,” he sang the song that he had every single night as he held the picture on the table next to his bed. And he had no shame whatsoever as he allowed his own tears to mingle with hers.

“Trust me, please, baby. Just this one last time. Let me bind you with my love and not your fears. Then if you still want to walk away from me. From this. From my love. I won’t stop you. Please, Lauren?” he pleaded his case as he watched one of his tears drop onto her cheek, mingling with one of hers…as their souls always had been…two becoming one. Or maybe they always were one…just reunited. “Please?”

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