Sensual Saturday: Chasing


First of all, this is another of my pet peeves…men should do the chasing. Period. Full stop.

This girl does NOT chase any man. So unless he makes the moves, friends it is then.

But the reason this meme caught my attention this week was…too many times men (and women) take that other person for granted once they ‘catch’ them.

Any fisherman will tell you…fish can jump right outta the boat, folks. Especially if you turn your back. Those slimy little things will flap and flounder across the deck and right over the edge…


You gotta pay REAL attention to those little suckers…especially the REALly good ones.

And women are no different. When you start to take her for granted, you start to lose her. Oh, it may not happen over night. Hell, she may not ever leave you, but you will have lost her heart just the same. She will pull away from you…and it becomes a vicious cycle.

If that has become you, then I challenge you…this month of spring, rebirth and renewal…CHASE your woman. Pursue her like you had to win her heart all over again. Not just monetary things either…

  • A wild flower smells as sweet as any rose.
  • Making her dinner and setting the table is as nice as a fine restaurant, but don’t forget the dishes.
  • And if you have family dinners and can’t manage that…candlelit dessert after the kids are in bed (something that requires chocolate syrup and a can of whipped topping…just in case).
  • Sweet texts messages that say nothing more than ‘thinking of you’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘I love you.’ Better yet…handwritten notes on the fridge or anywhere else you are sure she will find it.
  • Take a chapter (Seven to be exact) out of my book The Arrangement. Daniel drew Jill a bubble bath, chilled champagne, made a playlist of romantic music and then massaged her.
  • Or use your imagination, you know your woman best…

Or you used to anyway. Don’t you think it is about time you rediscovered her? Made her fall in love with you all over again?

And this time, for the goddess’s sake, don’t be a fool.

Keep doing it…for the rest of your lives…

That is how it is supposed to be.

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