REAL Woman Wednesday: Poetry

I am not normally a huge fan of poetry. I have my favorite poets (Frost, Barrett-Browning, Shakespeare and a couple more from schoo) and I stick to those. I would certainly never buy a poetry book.

BUT I am.

I discovered Becca Lee on Facebook of all places. Her poems kept appearing in my friends’ feed and I saved/liked so many of them that I liked her page myself.

I know it may seem strange to be talking about poetry on REAL Woman Wednesday, but the reason I like Becca so much is that her free-style verse speaks so eloquently of what it means to be a REAL woman today. See what I mean…


Then the other day, I noticed that she has actually published a book of poetry. I figure as often as I downloaded these images/memes I should at least buy the darn thing. And I think some of you might find it worth your while too…

Thistle and Thorns by Becca Lee – Hardcover and Paperback

So here is a sneak peek inside the actual book…and my favorite poem, the one that I think most embodies me…


And more on Facebook at Becca Lee Poetry.

One REAL woman to another.

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