Thoughtful Thursday: Shrink Wrapped

I awoke this morning to an unpleasant surprise…cyber stalking. A nasty message from someone that I unfriended but somehow still found stuff on my Facebook.

It was another reminder that for the past decade, I have lived my life by someone else’s rules. I have allowed someone else’s negativity to pull me down and hold me back. Basically, I have…


And that is the problem. Refusing to grow…and being angry at those who do.

Back in my preacher’s wife, who liked to say…You can’t fit a 11 by 14 idea into a 3 by 5 mind. I think that pretty much says it all.

But no more…that same ability to grow that makes others angry also allows me to rise above it.

Whether it is true or not, I heard this about eagles. When storms come, other birds seek out shelter until it passes. But not eagles, they soar above it. They glide on the same air currents that fuel the storm…above all the thunder, lightening, wind, and rain.

I choose to be an eagle.

When storms of life come…are you a pigeon or an eagle?

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