REAL Woman Wednesday: Smiling

I stole this one from a friend’s Facebook feed…

Domestic Violence is a Smiling Woman

I wanted to add a couple more…

Abuse is more than just bruises…it is cooking a meal every night. Never once to receive a word of thanks or praise. But instant criticism if it is slightly burnt or undercooked…not spicy enough, too spicy…too cold.

Abuse is knowing just from the way he looks when he comes through the front door that you and our child need to stay out of his way.

It is fear…not just of fists…but words that cut your soul.

Fear of silence that screams…you are not good enough.

Abuse is control. Doing what he wants rather than what you need to or your child wants…because you just don’t want to rock the boat.

Control of finances…his needs, his wants, his bills. Doing without. Your bills going unpaid to meet his wants.

Abuse is silence…because you do not want your friends and family thinking less of you. It is wondering how you can be so *fucking* stupid. How could you not see sooner?

Abuse is control that continues…even AFTER you find the courage to leave him.

Abuse is no one believing you when you do finally break the silence…because of years of acting, putting on that SMILE to cover the pain.

We aren’t hiding behind *smiles* anymore!


Find something truly worth smiling about. Find YOU!

NOTE: Domestic abuse is NOT a women’s issue. Sadly, too many men suffer in silence because the stigma is even greater for them. Abuse is a HUMAN issue. Period.

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