Sensual Saturday: Greatest Love

Usually this is the day of the week that is dedicated to relationships. Couples and more…how to make that work. But today, I am going even deeper. Because here is a secret…no matter how much someone else loves you, it won’t matter until you learn to love yourself.

In my Ægir’s trilogy, Kirsty is loved by three husbands…two of them totally. She finds the mother she always wanted in her mother-in-law. Yet still she doubts herself. Hates her body. And at the core, she does not REALly believe that these men want, need and love her.

Because she does not love herself!

That is just it…until we do then we are not ready to love anyone else.

Not that I am saying it is a simple as just saying…I love me…into a mirror a dozen times a day. Or losing weight. Or straightening out your apartment. Or getting that next promotion.

Learning to love…and accept yourself is HARD!

But it is the most important journey in your whole life and the basis of every other relationship you will have.

And here is where it gets REALly hard…loving yourself does not mean that you will LIKE everything about you either. You are not perfect. You never will be. You never can be even. But learning to accept that. To honestly see your own faults and love yourself in spite of them.

12417911_1151211488223670_5538296602468243505_nWell, that is what relationships are at the core. How can you do that with another human being? Accept that Froggy Prince (or snooty Princess) for who they are…even you cannot accept yourself. Warts and all!

Sometimes that is a two steps forward and one step back process…it is hard, uphill and frustrating. But so worth it.

So if you are looking for your soulmate (be careful what you wish for, they are not what you think)…your Prince Charming (I like Beasts myself)…or the One…

The best place to look…the first step on your journey…where you begin is…

In the Mirror!

If countries have national anthems…then I believe we can have personal ones…this is mine…

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