Thoughtful Thursday: Mission Impossible

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. While we think of it as shamrocks, leprechauns and pots of gold. It was originally a celebration of a Christian priest, who drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Imagine that? Seems like a pretty big thing, don’t it?

If most of us saw a snake, we would scream, hit it with a broom, or maybe run away. We certainly would not begin a campaign to dispense with the whole species from our country. (Being green…I’d worry about upsetting the balance of the eco-system myself, but I suppose Saints don’t care about that stuff.) A pretty big mission.

But it does have something to teach us about change. Even if it is only a myth, it shows the power of one individual to change the way things work.

Yeah, I know. I avoid the news for that reason, but I see enough of the bullshit on my Facebook feed. And I do live in an unfair world. I am constantly bombarded with it. So, yeah, I do get your frustration. The modern snakes (who shall for the purpose of this blog remain nameless) are more like pythons…on gamma rays. Godzilla maybe?

But that does not give us an excuse to just give up. To do nothing. To just accept whatever comes. We still have the right and the obligation to fight back against injustice, prejudice, and plain old stupidity.

Sometimes that is fighting big things…like governments and greedy corporations…and sometimes those battles are within ourselves. Sometimes we must take control of our bodies, our lives and our dreams…reclaim those before we can tackle the external.

I have made no bones about the fact that this year I have been fighting the depression and anxiety that claimed two years of my life. I am doing ALL that I know how.

I am caring for PanKwake. I am focusing on my writing. I am making myself get out into the sunshine (when we have it). I am not withdrawing from friends. I have even done something that I have avoided for years…taken control of my body with diet and exercise…no more excuses. And of course, I am doing all the positive self-talk. As well as my kinky, crazy self-medicating with pain…and pleasure.

Still once the sun goes down…so too do my moods. I feel like I am just faking it. Like nothing will ever change. Yes, that hopelessness and helplessness.

Then I sleep and wake up to do it all again tomorrow. Because the simple answer is…what choice do we have? Give up? Whether it is elections or our weight, the cold hard truth is that we are in the position because we, as individuals and society, gave up and gave in too often in the past.

It is time…past time for good people everywhere to stand up, speak up, take control. Of their lives…first and foremost. Their communities…beginning with our friends. And then, only then can we tackle the rest of the world. But that is the beauty of community…when you fix it…your little eco-system…if enough of those are changed the world takes care of itself…one community…and one person at a time.

Goddess bless, empower and strengthen us all…


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