Serious Sunday: Re-birth

It is Sunday. And it is actually SUNday. Although it is not quite shirt sleeve weather, it is close. In other words, spring is in the air…even in London. Spring…a time of re-birth…whether you are Pagan or Christian. That is what I want to talk about today…re-birthing yourself.

I have not made any bones about the fact that 2016 has sucked the big wet one for me and mine. Everyone I know in fact. The thing is…we always have a choice…FREE WILL. If we do not like something we can change it. It is NEVER too late.

March 15th will be the fifth anniversary of my Independence Day. The day that I left my ex. But even though we moved out, I had not taken back my control. This year I am celebrating by doing that. It is not too late.

For years I have been unhappy with my body. To the point that the one Dom command I hate most is…get naked. I have made excuses about not having the time to exercise. I have gone down the road of blaming others…unrealistic societal pressure. But the truth is I…me…am not happy when I look in the mirror like I did as I was changing at the pool last night. So you know what…it is time to change that too.

I feel that I am behind where I should be in terms of my writing career. I have four books out now. They say that indie writers do not even begin to break even until they have at least a dozen in their backlist. This year I am changing that too…a bakers’ dozen by the end of 2016.

Relationships…love? Don’t even get me started on this one. But you know what? I am not waiting for some ‘hero’ to come save me…this Wonder Woman is going to save herself…her child…and as many of her friends as she can.36604_10156641601010711_7975246802198268387_n

And that begins now. Today. I am re-birthing…re-creating…myself. From the inside out. I am moving forward just like the clocks…time to spring forward and not fall back.

What about you? What do you want/need to change? What re-birth do you want to achieve?

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