Sensual Saturday: Get REAL

It is late…too f’ing late. A friend just left. The friend that is still mourning his former partner and every other word is how much he loves this dead woman…over 2 years later. He stopped by to tell me about our mutual friend, who introduced us, and how she is chasing her husband, who cheated on her and wants to leave. And I want to FUCKING scream and hit them both.

You see I was going to sweetly talk today about the importance of loving yourself…how else can anyone else ever love you. And self-love is still the central message today…but not so sweetly.

Come on, folks. STOP! Let shit go. Move on with your life.


I have said it before…HAVE SOME DIGNITY, Bitches!

I do NOT chase people, who do not want me in their lives…

I do NOT settle for being second place…

I am NOT just another option. 

My friend could not stop laughing when I told him how I saw it…

Let the knob hit you, where the good goddess split you!

No, seriously…WHY?

Why would you want to hang on to someone who no longer wants you? Why would you demean and degrade yourself like that?

Move on…love yourself enough to do that.

You deserve better…starting with treating yourself like you are worthy. 


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