Teaser Tuesday: Sommer Loven

This is another of my old and unfinished stories at Literotica. I am pulling it out and dusting it off. On a lark, I am considering cleaning it up and submitting it to a special  call for submissions by Harlequin Desire. So any of you that still read that line…please give me a shout out and tell me what you think…

Madison Tyler wiped sweat from her brow and stared for the hundredth time at her cell phone. She willed it to have a signal.

“What? Your boyfriend so insecure you have to call him every hour, sugar?” said the man with deep Texas drawl.

The one man on the face of the earth that Maddie would give anything not to be stuck in an elevator with. All right, so being stuck in a five by five-foot cage suspended forty-two floors above Houston was a nightmare enough. But what had she ever done to deserve being stuck with him?

Thyne Jackson was one of the cities, and probably the states, best attorneys. In his late thirties, he was already a partner at Baker, Cotts and Evans, the city’s top firm. His expertize in contracts set him apart as a teacher and mentor.

It was why Maddie had risked everything to intern with the man this summer. With only one more year to go before she finished law school and could begin fresh, thousands of miles from this place, this man and her past, it had seemed a risk worth taking all those months ago when selecting her internship placement.

As one of the top three in her class, she had had her pick of assignments. But at this moment, the position with the Federal judge in New Orleans was looking good.

Turning her back to the man, that as her boss had made the past three months a nightmare in more ways than one, she fidgeted with her phone one more time. She squealed when she saw two faint bars, indicating that after two hours, she had reception. Pushing the dial button, she prayed as the phone was silent for a moment. She sighed heavily when it began to ring at last. At least she would be able to leave a message.

“Mama?” she asked when she heard someone pick up.

“Mommy,” was the unexpected response from her three-year old daughter, Jackie.

“Hey, sweetie, is Nana around?” she asked nervously, afraid that she would lose the precious signal at any moment.

“She getting candles.”

Maddie frowned, so the blackout was more wide spread than she had thought. Her mother’s older A-frame house was miles and miles from central Houston. And not in the safest of neighborhoods either.

“Honey, this is really important. Can you get Nana? I really need to speak to her.”

“Okay, Mommy, but I scared. I don’t like the dark and it dark everywhere,” her daughter whined.

“I know sweetie,” turning her back even more into the corner, she hoped to maximize privacy in the intimate surroundings. “Mommy loves you and I’ll be home as soon as I can. I promise.”

She heard a couple of whimpers before the phone went silent. She was uncertain for a moment if Jackie was following her orders or if she had lost the precious connection. Then she heard the child squeal “Nana, nana, Mommy’s on the phone.”

Maddie sighed and fidgeted as she waited. It seemed like forever. Then again if her mother had gone out into the garage looking for the supplies, she knew that it would take some time for her to get back into the house with her arthritis. But this time, the wait seemed to take forever.

Then again knowing that he was watching and listening to her every move was disconcerting to say the least, terrify was more accurate. Maddie snuck a quick peak over her shoulder at where he leaned against the mirrored panels of the elevator.

He had long ago discarded the light wool jacket of his business suit and she could see the play of his chest muscles beneath the starched cotton of his white dress shirt. The sleeves were rolled up and his tie loosened; he had unbuttoned the top two buttons. His curly red hair that only added to his boyish charm was in disarray. He had run his fingers through it over and over again during the past few hours.

It was his only sign of nervousness, a secret that few people were aware of. Something that he would not expect her to know, but then again the cool, professional young intern Madison Tyler was the exact opposite of the exotic and glamorous Sommer Loven, Houston’s premier stripper. He would never connect the two women.

Or that was the gamble that Maddie had made all those months ago when she chose this internship.

4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Sommer Loven

  1. So, Tara Neale, Mother, Writer, Warrior, Mentor, Goddess and possessor of many talents and so happy you have chosen to share them with the world. I have a question. I am not a writer. I do not possess the drive necessary to be a writer although my friends insist that I re-write, edit, and compose whatever they are are writing so no biggie. I re-read this story last night and here is my question: Do you think you will finish it? Before you answer, please do not for one moment think that desire overrides my desire for Aegir’s to finish (please post all of that on your website for purchase.)

    Also fell in love with Small Town Secrets which is another story of yours that deserves more – maybe not of course that decision is yours and yours alone but just thought I’d share with you again that you have created characters that a reader not only gets to enjoy but also hope for more. Thanks for taking the time.

    1. I will finish both of those. Maybe not this year. But I will…along with Night Walker’s Woman. Sebedia from Small Town Secrets will be a series…also to include One Night Stand and Tight Fittin’ Jeans. Gotta love small town Texas. Just be patient…and goddess willing I will get to them all before I die. Of course if you know a deserted island somewhere…drop us food and a cabin with a zip line for PanKwake…I can write faster…lol.

      1. Haven’t won the lottery so no island but if that ship comes in, you are going on my payroll as a sponsored artist. That would be a dream. You are welcome to my guest room though if you and Pankwake are ever in Hollywood and don’t mind dogs.

      2. I don’t mind dogs if you can handle autistic 10 yo. Even if not…we will meet next time I am there. Fall…fingers crossed and the creek don’t rise.

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