Mommy Monday: *F* Off

Here is another of my secrets…my ten-year old says the word ‘fuck.’ Actually, she screams it…loads. Every time something goes wrong in my Mindcraft world…or Goat Simulator…or Who’s Your Daddy…or Roblox. I think you get the picture. PanKwake is a gamer girl…and like all gamers that is her favorite word.

Judge me? Think that word is not something a child should use?

Then…FUCK off.

I don’t buy that argument. Either that word is inappropriate for EVERYONE…or NO ONE. But for us to tell our children or worse yet punish them for using a word that we say ourselves is…another fancy French word for you…Bull Shit.

Why do you cuss/curse so much? Don’t you know that intelligent people find better ways of expressing their frustrations?

As a writer, I have a vocabulary better than 90% of English speakers. PanKwake’s savant gift is words. At seven, her vocabulary tested in the teens. It probably now outstrips most adults.

But sometimes the best word to express your emotions is still Fuck. Damn. Shit. Piss. It is just that simple.

Now to be fair, she knows that how we view such words in our home is different from others. And generally speaking, except in severe meltdowns, those are not words she uses outside of our home or around her friends. Pretty darn impressive for a ten-year old autistic child? I think so.

But I was relieved and ecstatic the other day to see this article on my FaceBook feed.

Jennifer Garner Reading Go the Fuck to Sleep


I sighed…another REAL Mom who gets it.

We all need to be free to express our frustrations…our emotions…our anger…at least in our own homes. And that should include our children too.

Gone in my household are  the days when I was threatened to have my mouth washed out with soap for the word…darn. In this household, we believe in Freedom of Speech. All speech.


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