Freaky Friday: 7 Types of Female Orgasms

From soooooooooooooo long ago I don’t remember, BUT if you like this blog then search my archives because back in May (I think) 2015 I did a week long series with an expanded version of this…one orgasm per day.

I cannot take credit for the ideas within this article. I first learned of these theories about seven years ago in one of those Cosmo articles about super sex. I have since done several on-line searches to locate it, but with no luck yet. I have taken that article as I remember it and combined it with personal experience to bring you what I hope will be an informative and helpful article. I do though have a background in the subject as I hold a bachelor’s degree in Health Education and worked for some time in Sexual Health and HIV education. I hope you enjoy.

It is a subject that science has long debated. It is also a subject that has proven worrisome for many women and men. It is the female orgasm. Since 1957 when Masters and Johnson began their controversial work with human sexual response, we have learned many things about the female sexual response. But science is still divided on many of the things mentioned in this article. Some scientists continue to insist that the only manner in which a female can reach orgasm is through the clitoris. Others give credence to the elusive G-spot named or Gräfenberg spot, named after the man who ‘discovered’ it. This articles intent is to offer a variety of theories and perhaps hope to women, who may have thought themselves incapable of orgasming (and the men who love them).

1) Clitoris – Let’s begin with the obvious, the one that all scientist agree upon, the clitoral orgasm. This most common type of female orgasm is achieved by stimulating the clitoris. The clitoris is the female equivalent of a male’s penis head, and is highly sensitive to stimulation. As women become aroused their clitoris swells up with blood, becomes more sensitive and at the same time it retracts under its clitoral hood. With enough stimulation through pressure, rubbing, or a vibrator, the ultra-sensitive clitoris will cause the release of an orgasm. Or that’s what science tells us.

From a practical standpoint, this is the easiest for most women to achieve perhaps because the clitoris itself is easily found. Some women prefer indirect contact by massaging the clitoral hood, while others can enjoy direct clitoral stimulation. The best advice is always to experiment, alone or with your partner.
I recommend that women take the time to get to know their bodies intimately.

One simple way of doing this is to lie back naked on your bed with one of those magnifying makeup mirrors between your legs. Open the labial lips and actually look at your clitoris and vagina. Then spending some time touching and exploring what feels good and what does not. If you are brave enough then the challenge is to watch yourself in the mirror as you orgasm. It can be shocking how strongly those inner lips and muscles contract during an orgasm; imagine what that must feel like wrapped around your partner’s cock. Feel the power of womanhood?

12508816_1007332592671600_1418671880245757638_n2) Gräfenberg or g-spot — Although scientists are far from unanimous about this one, over the past twenty years it has become more widely accepted by many. It describes the bean-shape area of the vagina that many women report to contain an erogenous zone which when stimulated can lead to high levels of sexual arousal and powerful orgasms. It is typically located one to three inches up the front vaginal wall between the vagina opening and the urethra. This type of orgasm is sometimes referred to as a pressure orgasm, because it arises from the direct application of pressure to the nerve endings.

Practically speaking, it is more difficult to experiment alone with this one. Many women (myself included) find that their g-spots are just out of reach of their own fingers. I can reach my g-spot and even stimulate it, but my fingers cannot apply sufficient pressure to trigger an actual orgasm. But this can be overcome through the use of certain sex toys designed specifically to stimulate the area.

It also presents an enjoyable way for your partner to lend a hand, if you will. I have been known to go up to my husband and put his fingers directly inside my vagina, telling him that I need a quick relief. And sister can it be quick! I can orgasm almost immediately. This pressure orgasm also provides most of my multi-orgasmic capacity as one can easily roll into two, three, or more. I like to call this one a Big Mac, because like a fast food burger it is a quick, convenient way to take the edge of your need. It is also the only type of orgasm that will elicit female ejaculation, at least in me.

3) Vaginal or deep cervical — This is the latest and most highly controversial of all the types of orgasm. Scientists assert that deep vaginal wall and cervix have virtually no nerve endings, thus making this type of orgasm impossible. They assert that instead what the woman attributes to vaginal stimulation is most likely the rubbing of the clitoral hood during the act of penetration.

Now, I am only a woman, a multi-orgasmic woman. But my simple response to this is bull shit. This is a distinctly different sensation than a clitoral orgasm. For me, the internal vaginal contractions are less pronounced, but the overall pleasure is not diminished. If the g-spot can offers a taste of multi-orgasmic pleasure this is the buffet table, ladies. Through deep penetration, I can come almost constantly throughout sexual intercourse.

I do hate to admit this though. In this type of stimulation, the size of the waves does matter. It is called deep cervical for a reason. If your partner lacks the equipment to reach and stimulate this area, other than sex toys, there is no easy answer. Of course, experimenting with different positions can help if your partner is almost there. Personally, I enjoy doggy and what I like to call heels to ears when hubby pushes my legs so far back that I can almost touch my ears with my toes. Both of these positions can prove highly productive for most ‘average’ men. Then you have the occasional stud from which we get all those incredibly true stories.

Alright from here on out, ladies and gentlemen, we get very controversial. Few within the recognized field of human sexual research would validate these claims. But still women, myself included, make anecdotal claims of sexual delights beyond the realm of science. I will rely heavily on personal experience and opinion with this section. But then again I have a lot of experience to rely upon.

4) Anal — This one basically is seen as stimulating the g-spot from another angle through the penetration and stimulation of the anus. I will say that anal sex may not be for everyone and that it may take time and patience for a woman enjoy this type of stimulation. My best advice for experimenting with this one is to begin slowly. I recommend that the couple try foreplay, oral and vaginal intercourse. Then when the man is sufficiently stimulating and within a few minutes of reaching orgasm attempt anal penetration. Of course, the bit about using lots of lube goes without saying. For me, this one ranks as a take or leave experience that is reserved for special occasions. If the g-spot was a Big Mac then this is filet mignon. (Changed my mind on that one.)

5) Nipple — Most people recognize that stimulating the erogenous zones on and around the breast can heighten sexual pleasure. But few scientists would give serious credence to nipple stimulation alone being sufficient to achieve orgasm. I admit that as addicted as I am to nipple stimulation to achieve a clitoral orgasm I have rarely experienced this type apart from any other. But given the wide range of human sexual responses, it is possible that some women with particularly sensitive nipples and breasts may do so. The few experiences that I have had with this type of orgasm occurred most frequently when I was pregnant or lactating. So ladies, take this as a license to explore your sexuality more during these blessed fruitful times.

6) No hands, Ma — Also called a dream-gasm, this type is the equivalent of a teenage boy’s wet dreams. During sleep, dreaming or intense altered mental consciousness such as meditation, some women report the ability to achieve orgasmic release without physical touch of any type. Have I you ask? A couple of times, but generally I lack the patience when I can come so much quicker by touching myself or having a partner do so. I suppose the best way to experiment with this one is definitely alone, ladies. Pull that super-hot romance off the shelf and curl up with it before bed time. Allow your mind to take over and see what can happen. (So totally and completely changed my mind on this one…especially in terms of Dom-led orgasm conditioning.)

7) Combination — Basically this is achieved by combining two or more of the mentioned types of orgasms with the ultimate goal of achieving a super-gasm. This one can be fun to experiment with your partner. How many can you personally combine? How intense is the sensation? My record, you ask? Let’s see, when I first read that Cosmo article my lover at the time set out to find out. If my count is correct, we managed to combine nipple, clitoral, deep cervical and anal for a grand slam home run. Of course, we had help from a few sex toys. Or alternatively for the adventurous among us, multiple partners. I have certainly enjoyed more than one orgasm while swinging or in gang bangs.

So the simple moral of this story is that with a variety of options available to us, there is no reason that any woman should not enjoy as much orgasmic delight as she wants. Sometimes that can within the confines of a loving and committed relationship. Other times it may be through wild, once-in-a-lifetime experiments such as gang bangs. But it can also be achieved in our quiet, solitary moments with our own touch or toys.

But whatever type or however you achieve, do come…again…and again…and again.

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