Teaser Tuesday: Oldie But a Goodie…

From November 2013: Obviously I am not working on anything new right now…except helping Captain America get his little super heroes settled. So I thought I would share one of my older stories that I shall shortly be finishing and publishing…

Priestesses of the Goddess is especially poignant for me as I move into the next phase of my life…

Rata stood on the stone balcony. The red giant that served as Tavia’s primary sun was just rising above the deep purple waters just below. Her spirit was as turbulent as the waves breaking against the rock cliff upon which the temple was built.

Water…it was her element and this morning as she did most she sought to center her mind and spirit in its depths. But that quiet peace had been more and more difficult to find these past months. The dream was back. Except instead the occasional visitor that left her troubled and uncertain, it had become her constant companion. Each night when she closed her eyes the images were there.

Blue. The stone floors were stained dark blue with blood. The dead or dying bodies of priestess, acolytes and guards lay strewn about, almost piled like the trash waiting to be burnt as offering, returned to the goddess from which all life came. The sounds of screams, pleading and prayers echoed around the edifice like thunder.

Helpless. She was helpless to do anything to stop the carnage. The High Priestess Rata, who had ruled Tavia’s waters and served the goddess for almost five hundred cycles could do nothing to stop it. Her powers drained. Her gifts abandoned her and her people when they needed her the most. She stood frozen, unable to even move and watched as friends and supplicants fell all about her.

Rata shivered, her hands unconsciously running up and down her bare arms. It had nothing to do with the slight chill brought by the winds of her sister Mya. No, the vision was becoming more vivid each night. Now it was invading her waking hours.

It was time. She had no other choice. She must seek communion with her sisters. Soji, the High Priestess of solid ground, her best friend, her sister, who had stood quivering beside her that first morning when they had been brought to this place. Little girls chosen from birth, marked for favor by the goddess, taken from their families and placed into the care of strangers, taught to serve a goddess that to this day remained an elusive mystery to even her most prized servants.

Red colorRata shook her head, the dark red tresses that fell almost to her bottom danced and marked her as a priestess danced about her naked body, wrapping about her like the embrace of the goddess. She could only hope that Soji had the answer. Her rock, the one that had always been her comfort, from that first morning when they stood naked in the garden, barely more than suckling babes torn from their mothers’ breasts by soldiers seeking those marked by the calling.

She had been crying, tears, the soul’s special fountain of water that cleansed and washed away all trouble trekked down her bronzed skin. The little girl next to her had reached out, touched her arm and in that moment she had known that everyone would be all right. Soji always had that effect upon her. Her solid rock, to bank her waters, keep them running smoothly in the right direction. Her friend and lover for a lifetime.

She smiled as she thought of their other sister, Mya. As ethereal as the air and winds, which she commanded. The youngest of the three High Priestesses, she had held the office for barely a hundred cycles. Replacing Lano, who after serving the goddess for over a thousand, had passed peacefully in her sleep.

Oh, she and Soji loved Mya, were pleased with the growth of their littlest sisters. But still they missed the woman, who had been the closest thing to a mother that those little girls could remember. They would probably always miss the woman, who had loved them like the children she could never have as a priestess, who had taught them to embrace their calling, to love the goddess whom they served, to accept her majestic beauty and to fight her deep mysteries just a bit less than came naturally to the two stubborn beauties.

It was Lano, whom her soul cried out for the most in moments like these. She would know what to do, what the troubling dreams meant, how they could protect their charges Rata feared was the darkest days to come. But Lano was gone, at rest, passed onto the next realm, having achieved the highest plain of knowledge as High Priestess, her spirit was free at last to join with its maker, the goddess.

That left Rata, Soji and little Mya to carry on the work that she and a thousand High Priestesses, who came before her had carried on over eternity. To unravel the mysteries of the goddess, to channel her unlimited powers of love and healing, and to commune with her, vessels to be used to communicate with her will with the unclean and unworthy men who governed Tavia as they always had.

Rata shivered again. It was the most distasteful of her duties as High Priestess. Giving her body to the men. Serving them sexually. Submitting her most precious gifts for their use. Four hundred cycles since she had come into the full powers of her gift and still she abhorred this duty. She was thankful though that these days as High Priestess she had only to service the Council of Three, although they were disgusting enough.

No, what she needed now, what she craved the most, was the sweet commune with the goddess herself that could only be found in the healing embrace of her sisters. She would call a tribunal. The three of them locked within the secret chambers, together they would call upon the goddess, seek out her will through the purity of their bounds. The temple would go into full lock down, all of the priestesses joining with them in spirit to seek her blessing, unavailable for a time to any.

It had not been done in over a hundred cycles, not since they lost Lano and called upon the goddess to reveal whom among the hundreds of young priestesses she had chosen to replace the venerable woman that they all loved. Tribunals were rare, called for only under the most dire of circumstances. To remove the sweet blessing of the goddess from the men, even for a time, was not to be taken lightly. That was why Rata had not done it sooner.

But now? Now she had no choice. She trembled as she stared a final time out over the choppy waters. She inhaled deeply, her breasts jutting out, her nipples puckering in the crisp morning air. She sought the comfort and power of her element. But it was not to be found this morning as it had become increasingly elusive. Yes, it was time. They must find out what this strange dream meant. And hopefully, some way of preventing the utter destruction that it foretold.

For more of this story visit Literotica.

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