Serious Sunday: Single Girl’s Valentines

February 14th…Valentine’s Day…when we celebrate love and couples. But for the single girl, it is one of the toughest reminders of our status…single. On this day especially, it is the nastiest of curses. Everywhere we turn, we are reminded of being alone: the flower vendor on the corner of the freeway, the chocolates display at the supermarket, the giant cardboard hearts and balloons in the window of the card shop. It can be overwhelming.

Based upon the seven deadly sins, here is a list of naughty, fabulous, self-centered and SIN-sational ideas for the single girl to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

1) Remember your worst relationship (Wrath) — Think back to the absolute worst boyfriend, date or relationship of your life. Visualize how it made you feel. Curse, throw things, beat pillows, whatever makes you feel better. Then thank your lucky stars that you are single this Valentine’s Day.

Glass Toys2) Buy yourself the biggest, best toy you can find (Greed) — And we are not talking about a doll either. A vibrator or dildo that makes even a porn star blush.

3) Take the day off (Sloth) — Call into work, sleep in late, don’t bother getting out of your fuzzy footed pajamas, watch chick flicks all day, order Chinese food. But whatever you do not leave the house, no need to face the day at all.

4) Hold your head up high (Pride) — Dress up in your finest, do your hair and make-up to perfection, a manicure and pedicure. Looking your best will give you the ego boast you need to face this day with calm and dignity.

5) Arrange a hook up (Lust) — After all there are single guys out there, who may not take this day as personally as us girls, but could use a little distraction too. (But remember…there is always the piper of Fate and the goddess to pay…so be certain it is worth it…he or she is.)

6) Spoil it for someone else (Envy) — When your office mate goes on and on about the flowers and chocolates that her boyfriend/husband gave her, just smile sweetly and say ‘That’s so nice considering the…’ then remind her of the last fight they had; the nastier the worse. Finish off with a simple, ‘I am so glad that I don’t have to go through that this year. Those chocolates go straight to my hips/tummy/butt.’ Make sure that it is her worst physical feature not yours.

7) Make a fabulous dinner for yourself (Gluttony) — All your favorites…ALL of them. Set the table with candles and wine. Then eat drink and be merry for tomorrow…is just another day.

Of course, if these options seem a bit mean-spirited for your taste, you could always try these ideas based upon the 7 virtues:

1) Remind yourself of all the good things about being single (Prudence) — Sit down with a glass of wine and make a list. Don’t dwell on the negatives but truly focus on what makes this time special. You can decorate your apartment/house just the way you like it even if that means pink floral bedspread with matching sheets and curtains. It is your room and no need to compromise on anything. You have time to go to the gym every day because you don’t have to rush home and make dinner for anyone. The list is endless and as unique as we are.

2) Throw a party for all your single girlfriends (Justice) — Make it a special day not just for yourself, but for other singles around you.

3) Remind yourself that this is just another day (Restraint) — When your best friend goes on and on about the fabulous gift that her cheating boyfriend bought her, smile, bite your tongue and admire it with genuine good-will. Then thank your lucky stars it is her and not you.

4) Hold your head up high (Courage) — Yeah, I know I used this one on the naughty list. But it is just as applicable to this one. The difference is all in your attitude. Looking your finest can give you courage just as easily as it can be a prideful, in-your-face response. It is all up to what is in your heart.

5) Join a dating website (Faith) — Alright, so this year is a bust. But who knows perhaps Mister Right is out there somewhere. Give yourself the special Valentine gift of a chance to find him.

6) Give out Valentine’s to all your friends (Hope) — Remember elementary school and those silly little cards. Wasn’t it wonderful giving them out to everyone in your class? Your best friend and your worst enemy. Why not try it again this year? Buy a box (or two or three) and give them to everyone you know…or even virtual strangers on the street. Bet you will make people’s day.

7) Visit the local nursing home or a widowed neighbor (Charity) — If you think that this holiday is hard for the single girl, imagine how difficult it must be for the elderly who have often lost the one true love of their lives and are spending the rest of their days alone. So take a couple of hours, load a box with crafty items to make special cards or download some oldie but goodie tunes for dancing the blues away then make a real difference in someone’s life.

So whether you are naughty or nice this Valentine’s Day, remember that you are special and deserve the absolute best.

And sometimes the best is…YOU.

As for me, I am going to be naughty and nice; selecting a couple ideas from each list. Why don’t you give it a try?

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