Sensual Saturday: 50s Valentine for Him

Yes, I know it is Sunday…but I had a bad day yesterday…and besides TODAY is Valentine’s. So just go with it, will you?

When I first came to BDSM, I was surprised to discover that the 1950’s lifestyle was a fetish within it. For the little girl that was raised on the cusp of time and learned to make jam, sew and crochet before she could read, it seemed strangely comforting to combine my expertise as a homemaker with my kink. But as much as my masochist loves her pain, my submissive gets off to serving her man. So in preparation for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share how to treat your man…June Cleaver style.

1) Plan. Spend serious time planning your evening; He is worth it after all. What is His favorite food? His drink? What do you wear? Where do you serve Him? What little details are worth the effort? Flowers? Cloth napkins? Then make your list and check it twice. Make sure you have items for both naughty and nice.

2) Prepare His meal. I know too many women these days do not know how to cook, but that is no excuse. There are cook books galore. A quick Google search of the word ‘recipe’ came up with 153,000,000…that’s 153 MILLION hits. Heck, these days you can even get video apps for your smart device. So no cheating. No take away. No ready meals. Even if His favorite is something exotic like Thai or Indian, you can find it out there somewhere.

One of my 50s style aprons that I sew – Win one by commenting on this blog!

3) Dress to impress. Of course, when you watch Leave It to Beaver, June Cleaver is always spotlessly attired in a dress, apron, pearls and heels. That is certainly an option. But if the Beaver is not around for the night, the options become so much more interesting. A corset and apron…no knickers, of course. Or if you are very brave, hold ups, heels, pearls and an apron. Just remember Health & Safety, burning important bits is not the best way to set the mood.

4) Meet Him at the door with His favorite cocktail in hand. What better thing to come home to than your woman dressed (or undressed) to please and holding a single malt Scotch?

5) Pamper Him. While the roast is finishing up in the oven, what about a massage or a warm bath? We girls are not the only ones that enjoy a relaxing soak. Just make certain to choose oil that does not smell flowery…sandalwood is always a good choice. Pay special attention to the places that hold stress…neck, shoulders, hands and feet. But do not forget the scalp and ears too. As for that bath, you should certainly be the one to undress Him. Show Him exactly how much you care by carefully folding His clothes as you go. Kneeling and looking up with a smile is perfect for this job. Oh, and save the best bits for last, girls. But get very, very naughty with it. Just don’t burn dinner in the process. There will be time for THAT later.

6) Serve Him. I do not just mean putting a plate on the table either. Begin by taking the time to add the little extras, when I trained as a chef, it was called presentation. Things like a sprig of parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil or whatever is appropriate for the dish. Make certain that any spills have been carefully wiped from the plate. And yes, the proper way to serve His meal is to drop to your knees, legs spread wide apart and head down as you hold the plate in one hand for His approval.

7) Feed Him. You heard me right. Do not let it end simply with serving Him. Go beyond that. He is special and deserves that extra touch. Trust me, there is nothing sexier than a man torn between the delights of food or you. Take your time, no rush here. Make each bite count.

8) Conversation. This may blow a lot of the myths out of the water, but men actually like intelligence in their women. Back in the 50’s women actually went to college primarily to learn how to be proper wives. Current events, His work, sports, whatever, He wants someone to talk to as much as you do. Be conversant.

9) Be His fantasy. What dirty, naughty thing has He always wanted to do. Why not give it a try? For this night, stretch yourself…or Him. Nothing is off limits. Sex is meant to be dirty, messy and loud…even 1950’s style.

10) Dessert. Don’t forget dessert. But it is best served naked in bed after the hottest sex of your lives. It has the added advantage of providing a sugar rush that should make round two almost as unforgettable as the first time. And opps…if you spill chocolate sauce or whip cream, well, you just must lick it off yourself. After all, good girls clean up their messes.

11) Laugh. I know it flies in the face of convention but there is nothing sexier in the bedroom than laughter. Lying in one another’s arms and giggling is an incredibly bonding experience after making love. Life is way too serious, folks. Love should not be.

As for pesky little things like dishes…leave them to soak in the sink. The mess will wait. He won’t. This night is about showing Him how very lucky you are to have Him in your life. The thing is…why wait for Valentine’s Day?

If you are lucky enough to have found that unicorn…a good man, then every fucking day should be a celebration of love.

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