Thoughtful Thursday: Deep Shit, Man

I never realized until the past few months…but these days THINKING has become unfashionable.

A friend messaged me the other day…that’s deep…I hope it doesn’t continue and spoil the fun.

A writer friend on Facebook had a thread about not having hidden meanings in books…I responded that I was proud to admit my writing was full of them. I even changed editors when mine complained about every chapter of Shared Burdens opening with Esther looking out her bedroom window through the sheers. Can you say…imagery?

And the number of idiot Dims that have told me ‘you overthink.’ That has become my signal to exit…do not pass go, do not collect $200. Run as fast as I can.

Hell, I suppose this means I have to do away with Thoughtful Thursdays?

F-off. Not happening.

Now before you think this is getting political…it is NOT. This is not even about America…it is about our Western cultures. Period. I live in the UK now and it is just as bad or worse. I love this clip not for its political content but for the bit at the end…

We aspired to intelligence. We did not belittle it. It did not make us feel inferior.

We did all these things because we were informed. Informed by great men.

The truth is that we as a society have checked our brains…at the television, the Internet, the voting booth…the great god of consumerism. They tell us what to buy, what to eat, what to wear, what to drive, who to vote for, how to raise our children, what is beautiful. Every thing except when to breathe and take a shit. Hell, there are even tropes and formulas for what to write.

And all that is making us so damned happy…fulfilled…best relationships…wonderful jobs.

Keep your reality TV…and your size zero models…and your lifestyles of rich and miserable. Keep your broken promises of every politician ever elected. Keep your pie in the sky in the great by and by of religion. And especially keep your was’up and your endless prattle about things that do not matter. It is called ‘small’ talk for a reason.

I want depth. Deep thoughts from great minds that challenge me and everything I believe in. I want…


So next time before you reveal your stupidity by calling me deep and telling me I overthink, think. Perhaps the REAL problem is that you are shallow and have forgotten that the goddess gave you brain so you could think. Because I swear to her from now on this is exactly what I am going to start saying to people…

Thank you so much. I would much prefer to be a deep overthinker than a shallow, mindless minion of who knows what or whom. 

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