Serious Sunday: The Unforgivable

3 million reports of child abuse in the US

6 million children affected by abuse

Around 1,500 dead

And that is every year, folks.

But what all those statistics fail to get is that child abuse is a pain that lasts a lifetime. A LIFE time.

Right now my beloved tribe is devastated by the effects…things I am not free to share that have tears welling up in my eyes as I type. These are the people I love most in this world…and we are all feeling it one way or the other.


If you are the parentprotect your children. No relationship is worth the life of your child.

Or perhaps you need to learn how to take a time out as well a give them. Get help.

If you are the neighbor/friend/relative…ask questions. I say this because honestly I was reported a few months ago. An autistic child makes loads of noise when they meltdown, kicking and screaming. It was really stressful and tore my life apart even though we were quickly cleared. So please at least find out if there are other issues that you are not aware of before you make a report. But don’t be afraid to call if those answers don’t make sense.

If you are the adult victim of abuse, reach out to people, who do genuinely love you. Let us be there. Let us help you heal.

There is so much more to say, but honestly…I can’t right now. Except this…



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