Sensual Saturday: ??? for the Guys

What is feminine?

What qualities?

Movie or TV characters that you think are feminine?

Wonder Woman
Is Wonder Woman feminine? Why?

PLEASE if you are too shy to comment here…email me. I really want to hear your answers.

2 thoughts on “Sensual Saturday: ??? for the Guys

  1. Linda Carter was extremely feminine in any role. I watched Wonder Woman just to see her move. The ultimate Goddess was Marilyn Monroe. Thinking about the women who I find feminine I can’t find a simple theme. Some are thin and some are plump. I like Sean Young in Dune. I like anything with Debra Winger. The women in the Tinto Brass movies are the most “breedable” as they has big hips and they did not try to hide the fact they are women. They had plenty secondary sexual characteristics hair. I have notice most women in porn are now plump, as a result they look more feminine as they show “breedable” characteristics.

    Many older women are feminine even though the “breedable” factor was long left them. I find Vanessa Redgrave extremely sexy whatever her age. Find a picture of Katy Jurado in her old age, she exudes power and femininity.

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