Thoughtful Thursday: Sweet Dreams

As a child of the 80s and the first MTV generation, I love that song/music video.

And I often write about pursuing your dreams, but I got to thinking today about that other kind of dream…the ones when we sleep. What did you dream about last night? When was the last time you remember a dream? Isn’t it ironic that so many of us do not just have trouble tapping into goals/dreams/aspirations but we cannot even remember the ones when we sleep?

There is this reality TV/documentary called Tribal Wives. I caught an episode once where the woman was living with an indigenous peoples in the Amazon. She told them that she was tired because she had a bad dream and could not sleep. The chief wanted to know what her dream was. The whole tribe stopped everything they were doing…for three days to help her with a cleansing ritual. That is how powerfully these people believed dreams to be.

Perhaps you consider that superstitious savages…but they cared enough for this outsider to stop their lives for three days…a group of almost 50 people. We sometimes won’t do that for our lovers/partners or children. Maybe I am weird but I wonder who the true savages are?

And being honest here…I do not remember all my dreams…or even frequently. But it is often how I get story ideas. I do wish I remembered more of them. Experts suggest that you keep a notebook and pen near your bed and write them down immediately…I am going to give that a try. Because as excited as I am about the dreams I have awake…I REALly want to discover what I can get up to asleep.

How about you?


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