Tease Tuesday: Clean Out the Junk

This is the day when I am supposed to tease you with what I am writing. But these days my writing, minimal as it is, is more about what is happening inside of me…major changes.

Breathe…yes, I am still writing fiction. Yes, Kirsty and her husbands will have their story finished. And loads of those other stories too.

But things are happening and emerging inside of me that I am not ready to fully reveal just yet. As with most of these times in our lives, we must clean out the old to make way for the new and I am doing that too… Organizing my home, keeping old promises to my kids and standing by my tribe during some really hard times right now.

phoenixLike the legendary Phoenix, my fires have always purged me and I have and will arise anew, stronger and better. And this may be the biggest…and thus the most painful change of them all.

For my friends, please hang with me during these changes. For my readers, I promise you will have your stories. For my family and growing tribe…I love you and will ALWAYS be here for all of you.

So as I looked through my writings that are no where near ready to be shared, I realized that what I wanted to tease you with the most was these changes themselves… Here is the YouTube playlist that has become my daily meditation…

Hope it speaks to and encourages even one of you the way that it is me…

Goddess bless…


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