Miscellaneous Monday:Something We Fear More Than Failure

For me, there have always been periods of such rapid revelation and growth that it leaves my head spinning and those around me asking “What the fuck?” But nothing like this year. Literally since the beginning of this year, everything has been turned on its head. People I love have hurt me…and people I love are hurting.

On top of all that, the revelations about where I go from here that have been a steady trickle…well, the whole fuckin’ dyke has broken…and at times I am barely keeping my head above water. I have become a Dory fish…’just keep on swimmin.’  And sometimes swimming equals treading water.

But I have discovered something…it is not failure or even change that we fear the most. Not even death. No, it is something far, far worse that most of us fear. Something that holds most of us back for a lifetime…

What is it? What do we fear so damned much, you ask?



The thing that frightens us most is becoming, who we were born to be. Because that is so much bigger and more important than we can ever believe possible.

But no more. Not for Tara. And if I can help it/them, not for my tribe…it is time to become who we were born to be.

What about you? Are you ready to move forward? To find the courage?

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