Freaky Friday: Nothing Done in Love…

I have touched on this subject before…and I am sure I will again. But this meme reminded me of it…


It reminded me of my contribution to the Erotic Collective’s The More The Merrier 2, Nothing Done in Love. In that story, the heroine’s dying mother and New Age guru of sex and love Joy Danvers espouses a message of ACCEPTANCE that includes not only the LGBT community but poly as well. I will be revisiting that story soon and releasing it as a stand alone book that I am certain will feature more of her philosophy and my own.

But today I want to talk about those things no one else will…those things that are so naughty that they get labels like…perverted, disgusting, and ‘not normal.’ Things like…water sports, tossing his salad, fisting and knife play. (Google them if you don’t know the terms.) I bet some of you actually cringed when you saw your hot button…but don’t worry I have my own…scat and humiliation. But even those…even my own hard limits…

Nothing done in love can ever be wrong!

No, that does not include kids, rape or dead people…because of those words…‘in love.’ Because without REAL, genuine consent there can be no love.

But short of that…it is about:

  • keeping an open mind
  • negotiation
  • good communication
  • and experimenting. 

I am not saying those things are for everyone…or that we all need to try them…or especially that you do them with just anyone. What I am saying is…we all need to be more open minded and ACCEPTing…even if it ain’t your thing…the words…

  • Oh that’s just sick.
  • Pervert.
  • Disgusting.
  • Nasty.
  • Whore/slut/slag.

Have no place in our vocabulary. (No, not even for those things we talked about earlier…let the law handle them. That’s what it is there for.)

While reading Kallypso Master’s Rescue Me saga and discovering my own submissive nature, I had a platonic penpal in the military, who I knew was into BDSM. He was also happily married and VERY much in love with his wife…and slave. He shared with me how after over a year of casual he realized that no one was ever going to match his ‘dark’ needs the way this woman did…so he double whammied her with both a ring and collar so she could never get away. And yeah…we are talking water sports here (something that at the time definitely ‘freaked’ me out).

One correction to all of that…another word that does NOT belong in our vocabulary is ‘dark.’ Thor used it with me one day and I stopped him cold and told him…’no, you are my LIGHT.’ You see for a masochist like me without pain and control, I am lost. It is the light at the end of the tunnel that actually leads me out of the darkness. It is my renewal and strength. So drop ‘dark’ too.

Of course, for some…it is baby steps. I have been told there are still women, who freak out when a guy buries his head between her legs and drinks the rejuvenating ambrosia of the goddess. Hell, I am told there are some that are averse to using their uniquely feminine gifts of falling to their knees and taking him deep into their mouths and drink his equally renewing and empowering magic potion. Of course, I know none of those types would ever read my blog…LOL.

But seriously, girls, you ever want to know the true Power of the feminine…the goddess within you. Stare that man directly in the eyes as you take his offering inside you. Feel him tremble. Listen to his grasps. That is POWER.

Not that he don’t gots it over you too. But that is the beauty of the goddess too.

  • So the next time your girlfriend start talking about doing ‘THAT’ to her man…
  • The next time you read that ‘dirty’ (another one to drop) scene in that book…
  • And for the goddess’s sake the next time that your partner finally works up the courage to tell you about his/her/their fantasies…

Open your mind and heart. What could it hurt? And remember, even if mine kink is not your kink,

Nothing done in love can ever be wrong…

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