Tease Tuesday: All REAL…

Today, I let you deeper into my heart and life than I ever have. Let me introduce you to the goddess of love that I serve…and her bastard husband/Master Fate.

She watched the screen go blank. “So it begins again, Master.”

The dark figure in imposing black leather smiled at his wife. “No, my love, so it continues. This little battle of ours. Another time, another place. Will your beloved humans have the courage to make the right choice this time, Amorre?”

She smiled, “And what is the wager this time, Sir?”

He laughed, “Watch your sass, woman. You may be the goddess of love, fertility, sex and war, but I am Fate and you still bow to me.”

1505336_1254381061255529_8846834692207458876_nShe dropped to her knees before him. With a single thought her diaphanous robe disappeared and her full breasts that leaked the elixir of life came into view. Her round stomach that had teamed with life and might again someday glowed in all its glory. But it was the apex of her soft thighs that caught his eye.

His wife, his prize, his slave…her true gifts as they always did with her priestesses, were there…between her legs. And when he buried himself there, he felt his true power. That not even the greatest battle could come close to matching.

But who cared to think of battle when you could taste love? With a thought, the flogger extended from his hand. He held nothing back as he landed a solid blow across her perfect alabaster skin. He saw the red welts rise against its white background…and he felt his power flow into her. He knew that she needed this. She needed his dark to alleviate her own pain…that she had taken from the woman. Her priestess.

The next blow was more powerful still as she closed her deep purple eyes and arched her back to meet his flogger with a sigh of completion. He felt her relax and welcome his darkness as he released more upon his mate’s tortured soul.

This was their battle. Their war. Their dance. Their story. Pain and pleasure. Married into one. Light and dark. Fate and love locked in an eternal battle for the hearts and minds of these tiny, inconsequential beings.

Who held all of the power. Free will. That was what they did not get. What they failed to grasp. It was not Jehovah. Allah. Odin. Zeus. Buddha. Vishnu. Freyja. Diana. None of them held the true power. None of them ever had. Not even he could determine their fates.

Only they could. No matter how many chances he gave them. No matter how much of their pain his beloved took into her divine form. They alone…these little piss ants that sometimes got under his skin with their pettiness, greed and hubris…they alone determined the outcome.

Even the great and mighty Fate must bow his knee to their weak wills. And only her love made any of it bearable.

So they danced…his dark unleashed in all its glory upon her tattered and broken heart that brimmed with love, gave all life, and battled for the hearts and minds of man. She welcomed it all as he sent her pain, the pain of that frail priestess, unfurling to the black void of the stars.

Then they loved and comforted one another. She opened those magical thighs and he knew peace. Then they rested and renewed for another battle in this eternal war.

You may read more of their story on Lit in a couple of days with Chapter 2 of Shieldmaiden and Swordbearer. These two also play a major role in my sci-fi story Priestesses of the Goddess, book 1 of which I will be finishing (only a couple of chapters I think) and releasing this year.


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