Miscellaneous Mondays: Messy Rooms…

Since right after Christmas, I have been cleaning, reorganizing and even painting. It is what I do this time of year…throw out the old to make way for the new. Then there is the Pink Palace…her room. Hurricane Catrina (spelled that wrong for a reason). It is still a disaster zone. In fact, the other day when I wrote about what a woman REALly needs I was reminded that even then her room was always a natural disaster area. And that reminded me of this…

12400471_1963162717156322_2938053878331917091_n (1)

It is true. All of us have them…rooms in our homes, our minds and our hearts that are messy…disaster areas even. Maybe for a lucky few it is not a whole room. Maybe it is a closet. Maybe for some it is just a junk drawer. Honestly, if you do NOT…I am more worried about you.

I had a Dom once…this guy was so fucking OCD. I got punished (not funishment but REAL punishment) for not putting the lid down on the toilet. When I was at his, I had to wash dishes his way. But there was this one room that was always closed. He had an ex-girlfriend/sub/fiancé and in my mind I was afraid that was ‘her’ room.

Then one day he absolutely needed something from that room for a business trip. Boxes stacked to the ceiling. Barely room to walk. His messy room. I only got the one glimpse. And he screwed up so badly that I could not even finish his healing…but still…you get the point.

As transparent as I am with all of you and everyone else…the truth is that few people get invites into my messy rooms. Bet you are the same…

The point though is…when someone does let you into them…respect that. ACCEPT them for who they are…messy rooms and all. Because one day you may need someone to accept your messiness too.

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