Sensual Saturday: #1 Thing That ALL Women Need

A few weeks ago, I did this blog for the girls… #1 Thing That All Men Need. So I figure it is only fair if I give you guys the low down on what us women want/need too.

No, it is not a HUGE bank account. Ask Ivanna Trump.

A sexy body…ask Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.

A great mind…hell, even Steven Hawking is divorced.

In some ways, it is not as much about what we need but what we do NOT need…

To be taken for granted.

That’s right the number 1 reason that women walk is because she feels that you do not appreciate her, take her for granted, do not notice her any more. She does not know where she stands with you. So she either begins to nag and demand or if she is a strong woman like me…


When I was married, I wrote and cared for our daughter, who even as a toddler was beginning to show signs of the autism. But my ex would call as he left work everyday. I would cook dinner, rush around picking up every toy and have everything damn near perfect when he came home. He NEVER said ‘thank you, hun, that was a lovely dinner.’ But if it was burnt or not warm enough he damned sure complained. That killed my love for him.

The REAL recipe for living happily with a woman…



When she knows exactly where she stands with you, she will proudly stand by your side come what may (or kneel before you as the case may be).


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