Freaky Friday: Free Love…


“On this we agree, sex is one of the most powerful forms of worship. Through it we commune with one another, ourselves and our gods…and goddesses,” her smile then had almost challenged the man to interfere.

“But on this we differ. I believe,” her mother paused for a moment and stared directly into the camera before continuing, “No, I know…Nothing done in love can ever be a sin. Can ever be wrong. Love is the divine power within us all. However we choose to share that is no one’s business but ours and our partners.”

While I fictionalized those words through the New Age love guru and dying mother in my book, Nothing Done In Love, they are from my heart.

When we stop and realize…when you have sex with someone, you are giving them a piece of your soul. You can never, ever take it back either. It is theirs…forever. 

Now, of course, ideally they too are giving you a piece of theirs…but as we know in this world…not all exchanges are fair.

So meditate on those words, take them deep into your heart, mind and soul…and make wiser choices… Don’t be like this song…or me…

“I spent a lifetime exploring the subtle whoring that costs to much to be free…”

There is no such thing as truly free love…so ask yourself…is this person worth that piece of my soul?

Yes, sometimes they are worth the pain…even when you know you will lose them…but only when you recognize this truth going in and choose to give anyway…only then can your love truly be given FREELY. 

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