Thoughtful Thursday: Survivor!!!

Part of being all REAL is being REAL when it is not comfortable…when it hurts…when things get dark too. Because there will always be these moments in life and to pretend they are not is not what I stand for…what being REAL means.

Just as I protect those closest to me by not sharing all the naughty details so too will I now in the not-so-nice ones. Just know that I am walking through a dark place and would appreciate your prayers…I am putting my faith in my goddess and her bastard husband/Master Fate…but I am polytheistic and am not particular about which god you send them too.

But for now just know…

Listen to that 2nd verse….

I don’t believe in self-pity
It only brings you down
May be the queen of broken hearts
But I don’t hide behind the crown
When the deck is stacked against me
I just play a different game
My roots are planted in the past
And though my life is changing’ fast
Who I am is who I wanna be.

And celebrate that with me…because you are too. How do I know? Because you have chosen to be part of this crazy, F’ed up tribe of mine!

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