Miscellaneous Monday: A Life Well Lived…

Let me begin this post with an honest confession. I am not a huge David Bowie music fan. In fact, I had to look rather hard to find a song for Facebook this morning that I knew and liked. I have since seen a couple of others. But perhaps that makes this post all the more poignant, because it is not about his music. It is about the man…and the life that he lived. One that I can and do admire…something that is in fact even higher praise.

So I would like to share with you just three things I admire about the man…

He was the original REAL.

He never hid or apologized his bi-sexuality. He loved who and how he saw fit. He dressed as he liked. He wore his hair as he liked. And if you did not like it…well, too damned bad. He never listened to his critics, he just kept living his life the way that made him happy.

He had a social conscious.

Whether he expressed that in the words of so many of his songs or through the philanthropy he was involved in like Live Aid in 1985. This man cared about the world and people.

He kept re-inventing himself.

That is for me the biggest of them all. This was a man that was not afraid to try new things, grow as an artist and more important a human being, and change. He was constantly learning, perfecting who he was.

If this man’s music was not enough, his life was an even more powerful message. One of being REAL, ACCEPTANCE, GROWING and CHANGING. We could ALL take some lessons from him.

So David, congrats on a life well lived. I hope that the goddess is throwing a hell of a party in your honor, because you just don’t seem the rest in peace type. I kind of see you as more of the…



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